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Don't Be Afraid To be Yourself

In life you can feel so insignificant, all you want to do is blend in with a crowd and not have any extra attention given to you. 228 more words



I can’t believe I’m 35 and sat in a Byron escaping someone’s anger management issues (unnamed for the moment). It’s not so much I’m escaping the rage itself but the fear of becoming like them. 9 more words

Bear Thoughts

Become the Change You Desire to See Around You

We all desire to see things changing for better in our lives and around us. It may be a desire to see our work changing for better, our spouse doing well than what we are currently experiencing, our children performing best in their academics and lots more. 515 more words



You sort of get to that point where you’ve run out of all the pain and pieces of the past to use as ammunition – against them, and as self flagellation. 390 more words

Bear Thoughts

I read 'Revolution' but Russell Brand and then I wrote about it...

Review of ‘Revolution’ by Russell Brand written by Laura Fisher

When I started reading Revolution I have to admit I was skeptical. I’m a naturally suspicious person and approach everything with caution including a book, written by a comedian with a reputation for provocative and controversial behaviour, writing about politics and the need for revolution. 2,351 more words

Why my being vegan isn't a threat to you and you should give me a break.

I recently became vegan and I feel great! My business is vegan, was before I was! I’m not sure why I personally woke up and said vegan. 692 more words


Is it a midlife crisis?

How old is mid-life crisis age?

Driving to work this am I pieced together my thoughts of the last few days, the wishing time away, the boredom, loosing my drive for the day to day that has become my life, not knowing where my next career step is. 701 more words

Empty Nest