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Time for change - One Minute Inspiration Ep:8

There was this scientist who was seriously working in his lab and his 5 yr old son kept calling the scientist to come and play. But the scientist wanted to continue working and was thinking of a way to keep his son engaged till the time he can complete all his work. 389 more words

Get a Realistic Expectation of what you can get out of life.

Highlights from the Video:

Its very important that you just don’t follow the preacher, you need to follow The Word.  The preacher will not be always but The Word will be with you always. 528 more words

Serious Reflections

I’m super busy at the moment and should most certainly be doing uni work rather than typing up blog posts, however in the wake of today’s bombing in Manchester, I feel that I need to clear my head of some of the clutter. 548 more words

Hello. It's Me.

There is a time in everyones life where they say the words ‘It’s time for change’. You are fed up of the situation and your desperate for something in your life to stop. 307 more words


On the Road to My Plus Size Healthy Life

Let’s face it, not everyone is meant to be a size 2 or 4. We all have our very own unique body structure. Being a plus size woman does not necessarily mean that we are extremely unhealthy. 385 more words

Change of Meditation

Just as in life as we may be taking a supplement or medication, and later our body changes, their effectiveness may lack. So, too, in our meditation practice. 207 more words


Would You Take Any Responsibility?

When you take a good look around, it’s actually hard to believe what’s going on right in front of us. I mean really, the government, corporations and military are so corrupt, and so clearly doing the opposite of what they should be. 217 more words

Self Growth And Awareness