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Mike Quincey ~ Nov. 18, 2012

The new cycle is well under way, and you should bear in mind that Humanity as a collective is creating exactly how the new era shall develop. 1,315 more words

Chitwan Elephant Breeding Centre & Elephant Bathing Experience

Warning: Images may be disturbing. 

I am an animal lover. So, when I found out that we were visiting the Chitwan Elephant Breeding Centre, I imagined open range, tree filled areas where elephants freely roamed grazing on grass and trees. 1,759 more words



Sometimes I do truly despair of this world. I despair with some of the people in this world. Some of the things that are done and said. 366 more words

Jimmy Kimmel's Las Vegas...

I don’t agree with everything that he says but I 100% agree that while I believe in the right to bear arms, I firmly do not believe that any American should own a fully automatic rifle like the kinds used in this type of violence.  63 more words


Nirbhaya - an unfortunate girl!

It was a cold winter night

Which brought her a plight

While returning from her flight

It was all dark and there was no light… 123 more words

Motherhood, the catalyst for reinvention

Stay-at-home mum, not a phrase I thought would apply to me. When I got married I knew I wanted children and since I was already in my mid-30s I knew I had to get on with it. 653 more words

Ramping-up for Challenging Changes

You may notice “personal life changes” have been occurring faster than they can be processed and impossible to predict. One change stacks on top of another to the point where the whole “world” is beginning to look foreign. 241 more words