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Don’t look at me,
And then look away.
Don’t hold me in your arms,
And then jerk me off.
Don’t hug me,
To unhook me from behind. 285 more words

Time For Change

Project Move Commences.

I think that everyone agrees that moving sucks! I am not a fan of the action of moving but I am excited to get to the new place and start fresh there. 234 more words

Big Changes Ahead!

I haven’t written in a while because I didn’t have much to write about. Life has just been going day by day with nothing too exciting happening to speak of. 529 more words

On My Own

My Healthy Kickstart Week 3

Hi Guys :)

This week my update is a little different than the last few. I’ve been finding it very hard the last few days, not the eating healthy part, but the getting out more often and exercising part. 313 more words


I think we're losing focus of the reality that seems to be getting further away. 

I don’t have an issue with strong or independent people. I think everyone should have a goal of being both, but the reality is, we as humans are built to have a limit in both areas. 274 more words


Breaking Up is Hard To Do

So far, this year, my 50th year on this earth, has been interesting. I started out the year officially divorced after 23 years of marriage. My house became MY house officially. 348 more words