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Grandpappy Clu and his Political View

Dag gum. It’s time for folks to get a clue

I’m not political. At all. I know that’s a shame. But, few things bore me. 595 more words

Christian Living


I am going to take my friends advice and, reluctantly I am going to track my weekly weight loss photos along with my food diaries. Seeing is believing! 103 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Ladies Only Gentle Balance 5 Day Detox

We are offering a small, personalized very private all inclusive retreat for only  2 to 4 woman

Our belief is that the larger retreats offer, with 10 to 15 woman at at time, certainly loose  focus of the personalized health care these woman are expecting,. 191 more words

Sit at the table across from he horrors of the world 

As I sit on the cold ground in the early hours of this morning I write this. Cried out and wrung out from feeling unloved, or not unloved but merely not loved enough. 319 more words


Give Me Two Tens

By now, you must have heard that there will be a new face on the twenty-dollar bill in a few years. Harriet Tubman was a great lady, don’t get me wrong. 211 more words

Rants N' Raves

Rep. Steve King: GOP Establishment Could Back Hillary if Trump or Cruz Wins Nomination

Well there it is in black and white how does that make you feel? The very people you voted to keep in power now say they may vote for Hillary. 311 more words

Completely exhausting, head spinning, nausea inducing, rollercoaster life

I swear I’m losing it.

Here I am slogging through this thing I call my life, fighting with my ever constant apathy, when out of nowhere.. 215 more words