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Leaving the Comfort Zone

After practically being forced to make the change, I have begun the search to find a new hairdresser. Like most women I understand that hairdressing is the one department where you do not accept anything less than perfect. 475 more words


Why I need to stop being dissapointed by the world 

So some events happened this week. sometimes at times like this is is difficult to write something at all. I think at times like this it is much simpler to write something from one standpoint, to decide that this is where I stand, my line in the sand – lets war over the debate. 1,398 more words

Unity not Division; Love not Hate

Reading through post, comments, tweets, blogs and bashing online has made me appreciate the simplicity of an animals way of life. Yes, they may eat each other alive but at least they don’t have the brain to digest the morbidity of their actions. 165 more words



Hello friends,

This isn’t my normal posting schedule however I’m so agitated and need to get things off of my chest. Primarily, the events that have been happening across the world lately break my heart. 535 more words


One in Five

I recently saw this video and was blown away by the message. The number of women that are sexualy assualted is astonishing and people need to take it more seriously…it’s time to take a stand.

Side Notes

A Mother's Grip

I’ve written before about the woman who is like my Mother. How I didn’t know what it was like to have a Mother’s love until she came into my life. 253 more words


Out With The Old And In With The New!

I haven’t blogged for quite a while, mainly because it’s so difficult to share the experiences I didn’t fully understand at the time and for the sake of logical reasoning, I held back from sharing. 792 more words

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