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But really, who has the time?

The silence is palpable as a tumbleweed spins across your path. This place seems like it’s been dead for quite some time. It’s nothing but a ghost town. 753 more words


Balancing your time

Time is one thing that is certainly a fixed commodity.  And if you are like me every second counts so much.  In order to keep the business running, the house in order, work the full time job, and keep my sanity i have been really striving to come up with a system to stay organized. 407 more words

Images In Bloom

Time In a Bottle

It was late Thursday evening, after working a long 12 hour day, a song bursts into my head it was “Time In A Bottle song,” by Jim Croce, 629 more words


How to Maintain a Healthy Life-Work Balance

There was a time when the boundaries between home and work were fairly clear. But in today’s busy world, people keep their smart phones in hand so they can be contactable, even if they’re not physically at work. 319 more words

Characteristics Of A Great Employee

Fathers Make Time to be Dad Part 4

By Robert Rogers

Daddy, can we build a birdhouse today?” my 7-year-old daughter, Makenah, asked me early one Saturday morning as I was knee-deep in a “honey-do” list.

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A Small Pie and a Big Party

How much time do you spend with your kids? Your parents? Your spouse? And your own self? There are so many areas that deserve our time and yet we have only 24 hours a day….


Time To Take Time Out From The Buzz Of Life

Over Easter we took a break from every day life for a few days and took a spring break.  We did not go and stay in a nice hotel or B&B we decided we were going to stay at home, turn the phones and computers off and visit some of the local surroundings  and enjoy the beauty we have on our door step. 609 more words

Making A Home