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Glamorous Dirt

Sometimes I feel like glamorous dirt. Cool and gritty to the touch, but dirt nonetheless.

I don’t do well with change and I have forced a change upon myself. 204 more words

Dear Diary

Life's many strides

Sometimes the world is a horrifically uncomfortable place to live in, being “human” can be very difficult, everyday one can be faced with all sorts of challenges and then we are expected to get through it and not just scrape by but excel as if we are robots with no feelings at all, we shut down, shut out, compartmentalise, if we didn’t could we really do the day to day? 814 more words

Thought Of The Day

A naptime treat

This week we are trialling something new, we are transitioning from a middle of the day nap to an afternoon nap (I say we I do no sleeping but E and M do, most of the time!).  263 more words

8 Things To Do in February

Yay, we survived January! It might still be freezing but cheap bunches of daffodils and Easter eggs are in the shops and it’s no longer pitch black at 4.30pm. 472 more words

Pregnancy + Parenthood

The Mama Story

Whoa there! Little Star and Me is now The Mama Story! I’ve been feeling for a while that I’d outgrown the old name, chosen when my eldest daughter Seren (which means star) was a baby. 146 more words

Time For Me

'Hello' Cross Stitch

I alleviated a bit of the study clearing boredom last weekend by getting stuck in to a little cross stitch craft project that I’d been meaning to do since… 225 more words

Time For Me

Kids and Valentine's Day

I didn’t think kids and Valentine’s Day’s mixed until Seren started coming home from nursery with Valentine’s cards for us and we did heart shaped crafts at toddler groups. 244 more words

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