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Moving Forward

For far too long, I’ve been in the “selling” mentality.  I’ve had an Etsy shop for over 5 years with my paper roses and when I think of the amount of time, energy plus the supplies I have amassed over the years…it is daunting.  634 more words

Becoming Wiser...

I have opened all the doors in my head.....

…..but only the tide rolls in.

If I remember right, this is  quote from ‘The Women’s Room’ by Marilyn French, a book which influenced me greatly in the late 70s early 80’s. 256 more words

Whimsical Self Exploration

Four walls 

As I lay here in bed. Looking at these four walls. I try to picture what I would be like if things were different. If I’d gone down a certain road rather than the other. 159 more words

Time to, "Take Action!"

Life has been pretty crazy this year. Simply put, 2016 has NOT been my year in most ways, but it has been amazing in others. 327 more words

Every changing life

It’s amazing how life never slows down.  I remember when I was pregnant OH SO MANY YEARS AGO, and I thought, I can’t wait to meet my baby and be home with her.   1,076 more words

Doing something for me!

Today I’m at a writers’ day in Frome, I haven’t manage to read since I had morning sickness let alone write, but we started with some wild writing and the minute or two minutes we were given to do some Wild Writing following one line given to us just wasn’t enough, I wanted to continue, I wanted to keep going with this thing called an ‘idea’ that had entered my head but before I’d even picked up speed we were on to the next thing. 378 more words


Give Yourself The Gift Of Time

Everyday life is getting faster and faster, there is a constant sense of rush and stress and much of this revolves around the fact that we simply don’t have enough time to get everything done. 365 more words

Time Management