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Morning Ray of Sunshine - Live your Destiny or Create your destiny

There are people who do and there are people who make excuses, crib, complain and procrastinate.

There are people who see only the goal. And there are those who see only the hindrances, problems, inconveniences, hard work et al and get freaked out. 128 more words

The Time is Now

In the afternoon hours of July 17th in 1984 my parents were graced with my arrival, a day that would change their lives forever. My parents however, were unaware of the challenges that I would face in my first 25 years of life. 140 more words


Get off your arse

This really helped me get up of my arse and actually do something, thought I would share. The guy makes a good point.

The reality is, everything is there for the taking. 27 more words


Don't Waste Any Opportunties 

When are you going to start working on your dreams?

I know you want to be the best version of you. I know you want to make life easier for you and your loved ones. 558 more words


Le fils du ghetto ravis de sa sélection

« Oui, j’ai été sélectionné », répond SADIKI 9 surnommé BIN-G pour dire ‘’Fils du Ghetto’’, de son vrai nom SADIKI Bin SAIDI. Micro à la main, chemise déboutonnée à la capuche et un jean lors qu’il nous donnait cette interview avant de monter sur le podium de GomaHipHopLive dans l’enclot du centre de création artistique Yolé ! 334 more words