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Why I call my mom every other day

I am in Tblisi at the moment so the general expectation would be that I write a helpful blog on the topic. I will do that, I just needed to say something first. 829 more words

But Sometimes I'm Serious

The Silent Intruder of Time Video

Sorry for being absent on this for so long………….new things, good things, God things. Enjoy this FB Live Video: The Silent Intruder of Time!

After all these years

Lastnight I watched my favorite artist vocalize words that have run around in our heads and have been the topic of conversation many times in the past few months. 240 more words


The Time is now, Tomorrow may be too Late

Your time and my time is winding up. I’m putting me in it, because I’m not exempt. Everyday we get closer to stepping out of life’s backdoor into eternal life. 861 more words

A Day At A Time...

July 25th, 2017

It is one of the hardest things to do… Focusing on what is and not what can, or should, be is a very difficult thing to do. 513 more words

Day 27 | Isaiah 55:6

Featured Artist: Della Paul | follow: d.e.l.l.a
Missed opportunities are the worst.

It’s frustrating when you’ve just missed the moment to say something pertinent, to get something off your chest, to establish boundaries, to takeĀ a trip, to connect with people, to learn something new, to grab a promotion, to finally relax. 688 more words

Awesome God