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July 25th, 2017

It is one of the hardest things to do… Focusing on what is and not what can, or should, be is a very difficult thing to do. 513 more words

Day 27 | Isaiah 55:6

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Missed opportunities are the worst.

It’s frustrating when you’ve just missed the moment to say something pertinent, to get something off your chest, to establish boundaries, to take a trip, to connect with people, to learn something new, to grab a promotion, to finally relax. 688 more words

Awesome God

Start your engines... it's GO time

Lots of people have asked this same question time and time again, “How do I know when it’s a good time to start?” The answer to this question is answered by a question in return, “What is keeping you from starting now?” Most of the answers to that question can be placed in the same category as excuses. 502 more words


Day 4 of the Blog Challenge

What are you afraid of?

My greatest fear is not being able to provide the basic necessities for my children. We are living in a world where my fear could be a reality in just a few short minutes. 342 more words


The World is Yours


It is you know. You can do anything you dare to dream.


Run Girl, Run!

Dear Gifted Girl,

This is our time. Now. Press through procrastination, and keep pressing. It is ours to make the move. Now. To implement and execute the plan. 149 more words

Gifted Girls