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Le fils du ghetto ravis de sa sélection

« Oui, j’ai été sélectionné », répond SADIKI 9 surnommé BIN-G pour dire ‘’Fils du Ghetto’’, de son vrai nom SADIKI Bin SAIDI. Micro à la main, chemise déboutonnée à la capuche et un jean lors qu’il nous donnait cette interview avant de monter sur le podium de GomaHipHopLive dans l’enclot du centre de création artistique Yolé ! 334 more words


Quitting Coffee for my Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday, and every birthday I always try to do something to better myself. I get inspired almost like it is January First, and I make my year’s resolution to be better, do better, and become something. 644 more words

Better Lifestyle

First day

Alarm clock rings, snooze

Alarm clock rings, snooze

Alarm clock rings, snooze

Do you see a pattern?

How many times must this happen before I get up. 37 more words


Should we worry about the end time?

About two nights ago, many around the world testified to the mystical beauty of the blood moon.” Why did I describe it as a beauty,” you may want to know. 776 more words

Why not now?

When you shift your perspective from the first to the latter of this statement, nothing is the same. You experience life as if it is new. 124 more words



I remember saying.
I am not addicted.
I don’t have a problem.
I can stop any time I want to.
Then when I realized that I was addicted, that I did have a problem and I couldn’t stop using. 263 more words


You are living in wonderful time! A must read!

You are one really lucky person! This is amazing time!

Why I’m saying this? The answer is- this is period of spiritual awakening around the world! 145 more words