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Time-Lapse Exposures

Time-lapse photography (a technique which has been around for a while) is used to compress, express, and convey a sense of the passage of time.  The digital age seems to have ushered in new fundamentals regarding time-lapse photography.  889 more words


Robot on Rails for Time Lapse Photography

What do you get when you cross a photographer with an Arduino hacker? If the cross in question is , you wind up with a clever camera rail… 173 more words

Arduino Hacks

Don't Laugh at Poor Icarus...

A couple weeks ago I was thinking to myself, “Hmmm, if the earth was flat and the sun/moon weren’t millions of miles away but actually quite close and traveling along circular paths, then wouldn’t we be able to see the sun appearing to get bigger/smaller as it went across the sky, since the function of perspective would be at work?” 28 more words

Flat Earth

Haiku, Morning Flowers

“Flowers opening – to the sunlight are like hearts – opening to love”

Roadscapes Wednesday: YouTuber Eluko79 Is Back

One of the best time-lapse road video makers on YouTube is eluko79.  It has been over two years since this channel put out its last road video.   27 more words