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Super Moon Eclipse :: Sept. 27, 2015

A little late, but here is a time-lapse photo I created of the second half of the lunar eclipse on Sunday evening. While there are several ‘super-moons’ each year in the summer months (when the moon appears larger than normal because of it’s orbit around the earth,) and there are also occasional lunar eclipses (when the earth passes in front of the moon, creating a red shadow,) it is very rare to have both occur at the same time. 229 more words


See A Perfect Seven Mile Model Of Our Solar System

Want to see a scale of the solar system, this video below can show it to you!  In To Scale: The Solar System filmmakers Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet spent 36 hours meticulously creating a seven-mile-wide scale model of the Sun and eight planets of the Solar System in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. 108 more words

Geeks And Nerds

Monarch Eclosion

I finally found a monarch caterpillar on one of my plants after a 3-4 year absence.  Knowing the poor success rate when I had them in the yard in previous years, I decided to try my hand at rearing this one inside.   191 more words

"bill Duncan"

Preview Time-Lapse Footage with Ease in Bridge CC

We’ve all been there.. That feeling after long days and nights of shooting hundreds (if not thousands) of time-lapse or stop-motion frames and wanting desperately to preview the fruits of our labors, only to do so by holding down the arrow key and watching as droves of blurred images race mercilessly before our eyes. 726 more words

Technique & Tutorials

My Experimental Scanography

I chose to focus on scanography for my low key lighting unit. We were only allowed to use inanimate objects to start with, so I went with the traditional idea of using flowers as they have lots of colour, texture . 658 more words


365 Snaps: a digital story

A digital story combines images (moving or still), narration, music and text.  Here’s one I crafted this summer at a digital storytelling workshop in Berkeley: 6 more words

Personal Essay By Marlene Wurfel

Time-Lapse Exposures

Time-lapse photography (a technique which has been around for a while) is used to compress, express, and convey a sense of the passage of time.  The digital age seems to have ushered in new fundamentals regarding time-lapse photography.  889 more words