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Construction industry is reaching for the sky with Drone Time-lapse Videos, are you ready to adept?

If you are working in the construction industry, you might be familiar with timelapse photography and how it can facilitate documentation, monitoring and marketing of your construction project. 570 more words

Time lapse in Paris

This is the last of my Paris long weekend posts.

Friday 19 May: This week in class Zig got us doing post production for our time lapse photography using Adobe Premiere Pro…. 392 more words

Stuff (mine Or Others)

Transformations - Unit 1: Pt 15 Time Lapse Sussed (?)

After my frustrations with creating a time lapse piece at home, I was quite relieved it was a small detail that I’d missed.

I had try to quicken up the interval between frame changes. 115 more words

Transformations - Unit 1

Transformations - Unit 1: Pt 14 Interval Timer Captures

After getting some further instruction on how to process & produce images for a time lapse piece I returned to Bushy Park.

It was a beautiful day on Monday so I thought it the ideal conditions to try some more Interval Timer Shooting. 210 more words


"Closet Bloomer" Time-Lapse Film by Jamie Scott

As a companion piece to his 2012 short film “Fall,” filmmaker Jamie Scott spent the last three years filming a massive variety of flowers in this seemingly endless parade of buds opening into blooms titled “Spring.” The entire film was shot on a small mini-stage inside the wardrobe of his New York home, and the results are stitched together into this seamless time-lapse. 37 more words


Flowers that bloom in the spring

These time-lapse photos were taken by Jamie Scott over a period of three years.  The background music is an original composition by Jim Perkins.   I found this video on the… 6 more words

The Passing Scene

Transformations - Unit 1: Pt 9

While still getting my head round the details of time lapse photography, Zig gave the class a very enlightening talk on the subject. He also went through the differences, as well as the pros & cons, of time lapse vs. 654 more words

Transformations - Unit 1