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Hackaday Prize Entry: Powering A Pi From A Battery

Knocking a microcontroller into sleep mode and waking it up on demand or in intervals is common practice in many low power applications, enabling devices to stay in operation for years on a single coin cell battery. 377 more words

Raspberry Pi

An Afternoon Above Hong Kong

I shared this video on my Facebook page awhile back, but now that I can post videos on this website I figured it couldn’t hurt to bring back a one of my favorite time lapses. 133 more words


100 Clicks – Not As Easy As You Think

PROJECT 366, THE FIRST 100 DAYS | Darrin Henry

It’s a bit like playing fetch with a young Border Collie; no matter how often or how well you throw the ball the dog will drop it back at your feet in a flash, demanding more. 1,279 more words

St Helena


It seems that things change around here as fast as they do in the video above. In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to show you more of Dalian, and I will, but rather than spending the next six months exploring the side streets of this city we will instead be moving to Boston, USA at the end of May – which also has a lot of interesting side streets so we all win on this one. 134 more words