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Far-Out Sand Paintings

At the website This Is Colossal, Christopher Jobson writes about time-lapse videos of Joe Mangrum’s spontaneous sand paintings.

“Artist Joe Mangrum (previously) was just in Zuidlaren, Netherlands, where he was commissioned by the… 226 more words

Golden Retriever Time-Lapse Video Is The Cutest

Made over a span of nine months, this time-lapse video of two pups running to their dinner bowls is the cutest thing you’ll see all day.


Man creates series of videos documenting his attempt to walk from China to Germany

You may not realize this, but the English version of RocketNews24 (there’s a Japanese site too!) has only been around for a mere five years! Believe it or not, cool and quirky things happened around Japan and Asia before we started writing about them, so there are years worth of interesting things that we didn’t get to tell you about.  540 more words


10 Revealing Time-Lapse Videos that Explore Architecture’s Impact in Construction

Designers are trained to consider the context for a finished building, but often neglect to consider the construction phase. When architecture is primarily judged based on the impacts it has on their surroundings once they are built, what can be learned from the  150 more words


Mr Tibbs' Fundraiser - Full Steam Ahead!

Mr Tibbs’ Fundraiser for Cats Protection is now back online and ready for your kind donations, however there is one important difference – this is no longer a raffle, although there is still the opportunity to win this painting (see below for details). 137 more words


Travel insurance  is   simply just   individual   involving   details   which are   expected   As soon as  traveling abroad. Travel insurance  is really a  very  effortless   way to  providing  stability   with regard to  unexpected emergencies  though  traveling.  656 more words


Time lapse sunrise videos in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I love countryside especial I would love a beautiful sunrise image at my homeland (Svay Reing Province). That’s why I want to show one of the best… 36 more words

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