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A potential map for the future of official ET disclosure and Human-ET initiated contact

As most of my regular readers know, I have little interest in the subject of official disclosure and think the whole idea is a bit of a farce. 1,004 more words

A short lesson on quartz....

Geology was one of my favorite courses in college and I can really geek-out when it comes to studying minerals, crystals, and anything to do with the earth’s topography. 817 more words

Protection, Cleansing, Blessings

0 to 7: The Wonder Years...

0 to 7 years of age passed like another life, another me. It’s looking back at a part of your life and you wonder what happened. 301 more words


Season Over For Orioles. Predictions start. Here.

I’m not making any predictions currently, but I’m watching them like a hawk on twitter. Mostly from fellow Oriole fans. There seems to be a consensus, and I happen to agree with it. 66 more words


Every 15 Minutes

Today’s experiment:

I continue today with my series about time. Early in the series I wrote a experimented with the past (My Analog Past… 213 more words

Personal Stories


Nada por aquí, nada por allá. Estando quieta o en movimiento. En un día nublado o soleado. Con la gente habitual o en completa soledad. 72 more words