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A SHORT HISTORY OF POGS - POOP THE MOVIE 400 years in the making

Milk Cap History

POGS have played an important, yet sometimes overlooked, part of world history…

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– 1600-1800 Roughly 600 years ago Japanese Fisherman created a game called Menko. 628 more words


Game Night

So, I had picked up a couple of games while Amazon was having flash sales and we finally tried this one out:

We tried out Time Line Inventions. 45 more words

View Ranger App - Adventure Hub App

I only use a couple of Apps, I am not a big smart phone user at all. For a weeks I downloaded all sorts of GPS tracking Apps for outdoor sports, I did not find one which was simple,functional and precise.  128 more words

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The Creative Destruction of Medicine

Been researching Apps, specifically the different uses and values of Apps within our communities. I discovered this video which pinpoints that Apps can be much more then just a Game or Social Media, again going back to what I stated before in an old… 58 more words

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Communication Systems and Technology

Our communication systems and technology are consultancy being upgraded, every couple of years however there is a new direction to be explored, in today’s times the focus is on Mobile Apps. 147 more words

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Reason Behind the Project

Reimer states that “Collaborative media challenges the notion of the expert.” which is something that is close to the topic of Open Design, where users and collaborators generate the knowledge to share with others, and structures of information are self-developing. 151 more words

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In today’s seminar James Gulliford, shared with the group his views on an article about collaborative media (Click to view Jame’s Blog). This turned out to be an ideal glossary term in regards to my new project and direction; I was struggling to identify words that would best describe the motive and reason behind my project, this find might be a key to opening a few more doors. 93 more words

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