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Hut Demographics - Spotting Locations

Sheffield is know as a central location for MTB, it is the outdoor capital of the UK, with a big outdoor community, a concentration of outdoor brands, with a whole lot of riding locations, here are just a few: 55 more words

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Local Potential Bike Brands as Stakeholders


Cotic Bikes, Local Sheffield bred bike brand, who manufacture all their bikes by hand in Sheffield. They are proud of being based in Sheffield and always support local events as much as possible. 428 more words

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Questionnaire Results - Primary Research - Data Visualisation

I have hit the target for my questionnaire, finally received all the data needed to carry on with analysis and the development of the pen pictures. 19 more words

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Project Storming

I have done some quick brainstorming of different aspects of the project I need to look into more in depth, and some ideas that have popped in my head now that I have conducted some primary research. 148 more words

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Per Your Request: Vol. 1


Lacking a general direction per any of my current ideas I decided to go ahead and reach out to some of my younger peers and see what questions and concerns were running trough their head. 997 more words


Pen Pictures - Compiling Data From Questionnaire

By analysing the data, I was able to compile certain characteristics into 4 pen pictures representing different individuals within the cycling community in Sheffield. This has helped me a lot focusing the project, and there are a lot of links between these pen pictures which can be harvested with the culture shack concept to have a positive impact on the cycling community in Sheffield. 329 more words

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Building a timeline - #weddingwednesday

It’s Wedding Wednesday – lately we have been getting a lot of questions about timelines and how photography fits into them the day of the wedding. 514 more words

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