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Terminator: Twisted Timelines and the Horror Within! 1964 - 2004

Another franchise all about futility? This is becoming a habit. Part one of a look at the horror of Terminators 1, 2 and 3 3,867 more words


Primeval TV Series Season 1 2007

Ok Yes I know. Another British TV series. Can’t help it, guess I got a thing for British tele.,Sometimes it seems a bit more creative plus a bit more cheeky than American TV. 588 more words


Time Path - Probability Begins It

The probables in the Potential Future use Bayesian hooks into the events of Now to continuously form Reality

We continue discussing the Time Path, with a closer look at what must be happening when potential events become real events. 1,971 more words


Point A to Point B

A month ago, which almost seems like a year ago now, I was in Brooklyn, staying with a friend while I worked in an art gallery for a show for that month. 1,377 more words


Time path - the flow of time

What are the Past and Future? What is Now? The time path is interesting

Our experience of time is focused around what we describe as Now.  1,275 more words


How to dress well without spending a too much.

My name is Andrew Hardy. I am an Image Consultant and my mission is to connect people with great advice and even greater clothes. Today a fashion blogger is paid between $5k and $50k dollars to review fashion houses such as, … 438 more words

Time Line

On Father's Day: Looking Back at my Life's Soundtrack

The concept of the mixed tape, now the playlist, can serve any number of purposes.  What I might put together as a gift would be selected to evoke memories. 660 more words