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The Future Behind Us - Generations (Part 1)

Warning: Serious consideration of the thoughts that follow may induce temporal vertigo and cause the reader to lose his or her sense of place in time.

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Redeeming The Time


Today is a great day for Scotland, it began with us using the trees from Birnam woods as camouflage to get close to the castle without alarming Macbeth of our invasion. 210 more words

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My Biggest Mistake

My biggest mistake, I will never live this down. That damn Macbeth, he’s a tyrant and must be stopped. I understand that it is also my fault and I do take that blame, but why? 214 more words

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Blasphemy! Blasphemy! Does my memory and my eyes deceive me? Oh, how I wish it is my memory and my eyes that deceive me. The king, according to how the situation looks like, the guards who were the protectors of my glorious king ended up killing my king. 170 more words

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My First Post

Hey, I guess this is my first “blog”, my son said its like a journal and he said he would like to read my adventures as I set out on my adventures. 189 more words

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अनुमानित पाठ्यचर्या विभाजन और समय निर्धारण Tentative Syllabus Distribution and Time Schedule

यह पाठ्यचर्या विभाजन एवम् समय निर्धारण अंतिम नहीं है और न ही किसी परिक्षण के उपरांत निष्कर्ष स्वरूप है। यह लेख सन्दर्भ हेतु है।

पाठ्यचर्या विभाजन …