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The Grind: 3 Tips for When You Are Overwhelmed

A paper due here, a presentation scheduled there, meetings floating around, and, oh right, a hundred pages of reading for your literature class tomorrow. Sound familiar? 386 more words

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Managing Teacher Workload 1: A Workload Audit

As I suffocated under the avalanche of work that came my way as a new assistant principal, something had to change. To avoid burning out I needed to manage my workload in  a healthy way, without compromising its quality. 407 more words


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Corinne is a primary school principal who has broad experience of what it is like for a busy teacher, and her suggestions for dealing with the workload and associated stress are worthwhile for beginning teachers to think about! Running an audit of time wasters and then cutting down on the activities that hog time without a benefit is an excellent recommendation.

A balancing act

Ok, so I’ve kind of abandoned this humble blog about the mundanity of my life.  I’d say I was busy, but it’s more… well I just preferred to spend my time screwing around and watching Netflix (totally go binge watch Daredevil you guys!) 244 more words


7QTs: Early Mornings, Journaling and a 1st Birthday

Another week has flown by! I’m linking up again with Kelly from This Aint the Lyceum for 7 quick takes on the week that was! 501 more words


How to Set a Value for Your Design Work

Graphic Design: How Much Should You Charge Design Clients

by Roberto Blake

The following article was adapted from one of my favorite essays titled The Dark Art of Pricing by Jessica Hische.  3,016 more words

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Business tips: free lancing within graphic design.

Pinterest Challenge Update - Week 1 - Planning for the week ahead (Duh!)

So glad that I did this! It’s amazing what this change made!

So here is my update on planning out lunches and clothes on Sunday along with having some help from our two year old each morning.

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Morning Routine

You've Got Time

My freshman year of college is just wrapping up. I’ve heard this phrase multiple times, from more than one friendly professor.

“You’ve got time.” Time to experiment with your courses and activities, time to dabble and find out what you really want to do, time to be just a bit carefree and worry about some things later on. 122 more words