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CWW 2018 week 5 update

Things have been frustratingly busy, but: 1991 words! This is really encouraging, especially given everything else that seems determined to happen this week. Thank each and every one of you so very much for contributing, or for reading this. 73 more words

Written Word

Where's the joy?

I’m finding that writing is like exercise. The longer you stay away from it, the harder it is to get back in the habit of doing it. 752 more words


Follow Your Passion... Or Not?

Hi there amazing person!♡

What are your passions? What sets your soul on fire? What makes you feel alive?

These are the things you need to invest your time in and at least try to go after. 159 more words


Time Management

Every day, we wake up and start building a list of items in our mind. These items will begin populating the list of activities or goals that we set before ourselves for the day. 112 more words

Is It Mine?

When you are told something, do you feel you need to help make it right somehow? Are you a constant fixer? Does the person want you to just listen or to fix? 271 more words

Women Of All Seasons

If I could do university over again

Graduating from grade school to high school meant more subjects to study, better books to read, and more people who shared my interests. I thrived in distinct areas, like performing monologues and analysing short stories, so the promise of an even more specialised education at university seemed like a perfect fit. 521 more words


Weekends We Plan for the Week

Life is always busy and a little chaotic in my house. Every weekend we have something to do, a birthday party or event at church. We may have some returns or just regular shopping to do. 374 more words