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Shorter Attention Span?

Learned a new phrase today –  tl,dr.  An internet vernacular for too long; did not read.

Maybe you already know the term.  But for me it was a bit annoying.   135 more words

Daily Writing

Writing tips from J.K Rowling  — World of Horror


One of J.K. Rowling’s most famous quotes is: “Sometimes you have to get your writing done in spare moments here and there.” This is crucial advice on writing a book. 484 more words

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Sitting Down and Writing: Or Not. (Procrastination) — Courteney Levet

I’ve been discussing inspiration quite a bit lately. Now, however, is the far less appealing other side of the coin: procrastination.

It’s like right now. I always write my posts before the fact and then schedule them to post. 574 more words

All Things Writing

Leading Means Watching Your Team’s Time

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a clock watcher.  I believe you dedicate the time to get a job done- whether it is completing a project or perfecting a skill.  472 more words


Don't Waste Your Time

Usually, if you’re doing all the things I said, you ask a girl for her number and she gives it to you. Sometimes you ask a girl for her number and she says something like, why so fast? 305 more words

Digital Hybrid Post 4

There are a few frustrations that I have discovered with Digital Hybrid Lab. The first is that I am not always going to be given an answer to my question. 239 more words

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Give Yourself Breaks from Cooking!

Let’s be real. Planning and cooking for your family is a pretty big undertaking. It can quickly feel like a huge burden, especially if you’re trying to cook healthy meals and save money by not eating out a lot. 581 more words

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