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Monday Morning Attitude and the Parkway

It’s hard to measure “happiness improvement” on a day to day basis. It’s not something that is tangible. I spend all day with myself. But I think I found one notable improvement. 342 more words

I often get down on myself for the lack of meaning in the spurts of writing I publish on my blog, the ten-minute free writes that are unedited streams of consciousness, the spewing of thoughts after pulling a prompt from a box.

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Becoming who you are

I’m still late mommy. We’re facing down another school year and I’m setting records for tardy pick ups and drop offs. Getting it all together for lacrosse games, play dates, family get-togethers: what’s the flipping secret people?! 66 more words

Time Management

Why Constant Learners All Embrace the 5-Hour Rule | By Michael Simmons (Empact)

Productivity | Live-long learning | Constant learning | Management

Benjamin Franklin did this 1 hour a day, 5 hours a week. Why you should do it too. 114 more words

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Tango is for time management

Time management is important for everyone but if you are an author, time can be at a premium. So how do you pull off being Superman or Wonder Woman? 313 more words

Michelle M. Perkins

New Release: Positive Cultural Impact

You’re leading a team: could be you and one child, or you and a sales team, or you and a massive corporation or nonprofit institution. In any case, you have a culture you want to build, values to instill. 205 more words


Quality not quantity: How I make the most of my free time in college

Every quarter i find myself saying “this is the busiest quarter I have ever had”

Is this quarter an exception? No. This is the busiest quarter I have ever had. 747 more words

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