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Self Regulated Learning Isn't the Same as Grit

Although much of my (our . . . my . . . ugh! I never should have tried being cute with pronouns) work here is about helping teachers understand technology better, as well as providing some guidance into current research in the field, that’s not all there is. 771 more words


5 Secrets to Managing Your Time, Backed by Research

It’s the problem we all face at the office: how to manage your time. You’re so overwhelmed with meetings and email that you always wonder if you’re really getting anything done. 2,683 more words

Time Management for Finals Week

By: Kayli Quirk

The last day of class is almost here, better yet so is Christmas. It’s that time of year again, the leaves are changing, the décor is up and we all get to bring our favorite jackets out, well, sort of (hence the global warming). 380 more words

Agile Update - Week 47

Last week was better than the week before and was topped off with my taking a much-needed weekend off, and attending a conference in Chicago. I returned energized, relaxed, and much happier. 457 more words

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5 Ways I Find Time to Write

1. I found a day job that respects my boundaries.

I am a full-time English teacher. Any teacher knows that this is a job that can take over a life. 278 more words


How To Survive 8 Straight Hours Of Meetings

Meetings are a fixture of corporate life. A recent survey by Wrike, which makes online project management tools, found that 50% of professionals have two to five meetings a week, and 35% have six or more. 960 more words



The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method created by Francesco Cirillo. The method is a technique to stay focus on your task and get more done.  260 more words