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Happy Saturday!

Today I’m heading out to volunteer with my waterfowl and flamingo friends. It’s one of my favorite things to do so I’m hoping to feel a little more rejuvenated after a rough week. 571 more words


Smart Phones for Smart Writers

One of the great conundrums of the modern age is that despite all the technology which has been developed, and despite all the labour-saving devices we have in our homes, we appear to have less and less time. 578 more words

Short Stories

Say What? Transcribe Those Voice Mails

In my office environment, voicemails arrive in my email inbox as an audio message. Since not all of them demand a quick turnaround, they can end up cluttering my email. 84 more words

Art: portability? Catching small bits of time

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here; this is largely because I keep sitting down and reminding myself that maybe there are more pressing things to do, than write about things I haven’t yet thought out — and then actually going to… 869 more words


Follow Up Then

Follow up: forward an email to followupthen, or loop them into an outgoing one. They’ll remind you later.

Send at the right time: have an email hanging around until the right day to reply? 69 more words


Unfinished Accomplishments

What do you do all week?

I swear, sometimes I ask myself that very same question.

Where is the time going?

And perhaps more importantly… 820 more words