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Discovering the Bullet Journal

Toward the end of March, I discovered Bullet Journaling. I had never heard of the concept before until I stumbled across a recommended YouTube video. Don’t you find it scary too how well that little imp can, sometimes, guess what we are going to love? 2,095 more words


What are you dreading?

 I have to admit that when I think about a very busy week ahead with what ‘looks like’ too much, given the time available, I start to dread the days ahead. 784 more words


The Natural Limits of the Day need confronting!

“Scheduling forces us to confront the natural limits of the day.” Gretchen Ruben

I tend to seek sanctuary in bookshops, and professionally and personally that sanctuary is most often found in the personal development and/or business sections of said bookshops. 648 more words



Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.

A really good friend of mine recently moved back home, which happens to be my new home as well.

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The Error of Uniform Time Allocation

This article is excerpted from the book Great CEOs Are Lazy (Inc. Original Imprint, 2016)

A lot of the mediocre and hardworking CEOs we have run into over the years are exceptionally good at what we call “peanut buttering.” When it comes to allocating their time to the various tasks and stakeholders in their businesses—their boards, their supply chains, their investors, their communities, etc.—these CEOs do their best to spread their time as evenly as possible across all of them. 247 more words

When It Hits The Fan

I got some bad news about a project I have been working very hard on. News that a couple of months ago would have absolutely crippled me. 738 more words


How to Survive Your First Year of Nursing School

Looking back at this time last year, I remember looking up to the senior nursing students at orientation and wondering if I’d actually make it that far. 1,038 more words