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The Good and the Ugly of Procrastination

It can be rough during college. You’re up at 3 in the morning writing the 10-page essay that’s due tomorrow. Or maybe you’re already in that situation in high school. 207 more words


Time Management for College Students

Hello my fellow wicked beings! After a long move, a new job, and getting ready for a new school year, I am getting back to a normal schedule. 719 more words


The time in-between.

Photo: “Between” by: Patrik Nygren – Flickr (CC)

Some of the most eloquent and successful philosophical and inspirational writers have become famous from the concept of “being in the moment.” 278 more words

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I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No

Remember just a few short weeks ago, I was waxing (sort of) poetic about the virtues of NO?  Yeah, might not have been all that memorable, but I did it. 244 more words

Got Distractions?

Today’s world is so complex and intricate. We are socially intertwined and packed with information overloaded. Your mind is working overtime and it can be incredibly difficult to block it all out and focus. 575 more words


The Juggling Act: Advice On Selecting High School Courses

Deciding on what classes to take in high school can be a daunting and intimidating process. It seems like any wrong choice can come back and haunt you when it comes time for college applications. 1,202 more words

High School

I Made You Think!

If you were given $24 everyday for the rest of your life, and the only condition was that you had to spend every penny, you couldn’t save anything, how would you spend it? 273 more words