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August 2015 - Grocery Organization 101

Believe it or not, there is actually a way to put away your groceries.  It involves more than emptying a bag and tossing items in a pantry and fridge. 238 more words

How to Attack Monday Mornings?

Monday’s are usually lousy. Is it not? What is going on with you on a Monday or first day of work if you are working full time? 768 more words

Daily Life

Mimic Tree

The sensual energy.
What elegance!

Tree reflecting.
Poise and grace.

Find the equilibrium
in your private space.

What evokes
complete surrender?


Of the most… 16 more words


July Favorites 2015

Monthly favorites are back! I did not have any favorites for the months of May and June, but in July I tried a couple of new things. 624 more words

Natural Hair

Focused blocks of time

What is the optimal block of time for focused work? I have been using a variation of the pomodoro plan, working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute standing break. 89 more words

Time Management

Life's A Looney Bin

Everybody is a little bit of crazy. I won’t pretend to be the sanest of people. I put ketchup on pasta as comfort food. I talk to myself. 692 more words

Leaders Know When to Delegate

Do you have a favorite city? Hong Kong, Paris, London, New York, Phoenix, Shanghai, Geneva, Denver, Barcelona, Charleston, and Singapore all come to mind. But one of my new favorite cities is Boston. 759 more words

Leading Self