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Time Management - "Excuse me, do you have the time?"

Time management is a misnomer and a myth. The truth is I don’t – I cannot – manage time. It is time that manages me.  Time is a most precious gift. 1,538 more words

I Wish I Had Time

I wrote this in an obscure way, in attempt to mirror the strange feeling of having time slip through my fingers. Enjoy (:

But would that I might… 162 more words


Liturgical Living for Beginners

Liturgical living. Its something I have been thinking about starting for a while, but I have never quite known where to start. As I pause to ponder liturgical living in our small family, I realise its something we have already begun; the Advent wreath on the kitchen table, lit every night, shoes outside the bedroom door on the 6th December for the feast of St Nicholas, pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, celebrating name days… These are things that we learned from our parents. 731 more words


Time Managment

To keep us organised at Sync Records we have decided to make a group chat on Whatsapp to help us to discuss what we are doing outside of school. 129 more words


TEDxDouglasville: How to Multiply Your Time

8:12 “You multiply your time by giving yourself the emotional permission to spend time on things today that will give you more time tomorrow.” 116 more words

How to Create Strong Content

If you read enough digital marketing posts a common theme emphasized is creating strong content for your readers. Writing is a developed skill, but you may be surprised how to improve it. 373 more words

Leadership Development