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TAP # 7 - Time Management in a Post Industrial Economy +

I give a brief description of an idealized day for an indie sorta guy or gal. I also discuss the need for a stronger emphasis on craftsmanship in arts as a vehicle for economy and SANITY. 14 more words

How To Do Everything You Do In 24 Hours Everyday In Just 10 Hours!

Your current 24 hour schedule can easily be squeezed into a 10 hour schedule leaving you 14 hours for yourself.

What that means is that all you current are doing in your 24 hour time allocation for each day can be finished in just 10 hours! 643 more words

Nightly Ramblings ~ Saturday Check In

Just a long annoying day and I still need to get my writing in.

136 more words

Life Story

Happy Saturday!

Today I’m heading out to volunteer with my waterfowl and flamingo friends. It’s one of my favorite things to do so I’m hoping to feel a little more rejuvenated after a rough week. 571 more words


Smart Phones for Smart Writers

One of the great conundrums of the modern age is that despite all the technology which has been developed, and despite all the labour-saving devices we have in our homes, we appear to have less and less time. 578 more words

Short Stories

Say What? Transcribe Those Voice Mails

In my office environment, voicemails arrive in my email inbox as an audio message. Since not all of them demand a quick turnaround, they can end up cluttering my email. 84 more words