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Give Thinking Its Space

In an interview I watched a while back, Bill Gates talked about what he learned from Warren Buffett in regards to time management. When Gates was still learning the ropes of leading, he took pride in scheduling every single minute of his calendar. 262 more words


Overboard - Binge 240 minutes

OK another huge insight it isn’t brand new…I like to be dramatic it is fun for me.  This is what happened.  I started updating my linked in page which by the way, this is totally key,  was not on the radar for the top 3 tasks to be done today.   433 more words

Eat That Frog - Tackling Procrastination

I just spent the last half hour wearing a ninja turtle mask and sitting across the floor from Liam acting as his “mirror”. Mimicking his every move and sound much to his delight. 306 more words

Writing on the Road: Keeping Up With Your Writing Goals While Traveling

When you’re traveling, it’s easy to neglect your goals and good habits, and getting back on track is often a challenge. While everyone struggles with maintaining progress during a trip, there’s no reason to lose sight of your writing goals because writing on the road can be a fantastic vacation experience. 722 more words


J&B: How Can I Make Sure I Don't Fall Behind?

J&B are Touro’s Director of Academic Support, Dr. Jill Alban, Ed.D.                                           and Learning Specialist, Brigit Perez, MAEd.  

Dear J&B,

I have a history of falling behind and having to play “catch-up”. 187 more words

Study Strategies

A Mini New Year

For many of us, September is a “Mini New Year”.  Summer is over and now we are refocused on our business and personal To-Do Lists. 84 more words

Time Management

What Happens If We Aren't Busy?

Being busy is a status symbol these days. Ask someone how they are doing or what they’ve been up to, and chances are you might hear the word “busy” in their response. 655 more words

Time Management