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Getting Back After Summer Break (or Any Break)

Ah Summer, that wonderful time of year that always seems to pass too quickly. You get to take a break, relax with friends, and forget about school for a while. 2,586 more words

High School

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

It wasns’t exactly a vacation persay, but it’s as close to a vacation as I’ve taken in years. I actually took some time off for myself……. 1,390 more words


Time Off

I haven’t written in what seems like forever and I’m not even going to apologize because I’m not sorry. There, I’ve said it. I needed to take this little bit of time off to spend with my kids and just “be”. 334 more words

Queen Bee Knits

On taking a break

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Sometimes you just need to take a break. Life can get busy, and tiring, and when that happens it’s good – essential, even – to take some time to relax and recharge. 453 more words


Making time for inspiration

I’m good at requests. I’m good at pulling a thousand words out of the air at no notice for people who need a thing. There’s nothing like someone else requiring something specific from me to get my brain moving. 484 more words


Is it Safer to Travel by Air or by Car

Back in June, Rene Knott, a morning anchor for the news outlet 5 On Your Side in St. Louis, threw a question out to his Twitter followers: 245 more words


How I spent my summer vacation

Well, more like how I’m going to spend my summer vacation.

Today was my last day of work this week as Rick and I decided to take some much needed PTO. 219 more words