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Straight in my perspective I don’t think i have a piece, where i wanted to type about death my mind said no to me.
These hands they do not now bleed, the passion they don’t now breed. 105 more words

Friday on Wednesday…

I’m on the cusp of taking my first vacation day since January. With a four-day weekend stretching out in front of me, I’m nearly as giddy as the proverbial school girl. 142 more words


Mood enhancers…

I’ve taken one day of vacation time since coming back to work following New Years. From my vantage point here on June 26th, what I can say with some certitude is that in the future I probably won’t let nearly all my leave roll over to the back half of the year. 244 more words


Still Here

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It’s been what, nearly three months since I’ve posted here? I posted a fly-by over at Walk in Silence not that long ago, but other than that I’ve been keeping quiet. 530 more words


Mandatory Stay at home is not your typical vacation.

It’s been 98 days at home now. My last day worked was March 15th, 2020 and that was a day, in my world, that started a journey of personal reflection and emotional turmoil. 797 more words

My Ramblings

Happy Midsummer!

True to my Finnish roots, I’m taking a few days off to enjoy the midsummer. It’s especially important for me this year when it’s practically impossible for Husband and me to visit Finland to see my family and savor the summer. 80 more words


Well 2020 is fun!!!!

So how’s everyone been? Are we all having a great 2020?!

So it’s evident that I am not good at writing regular blogs so I’m not even going to apologise for it. 455 more words

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