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Dropping Down and Feeling

For several years, I’ve been practicing a spiritual discipline that I think of as non-defensiveness. I am not even sure when I first began it. It sounds vaguely Buddhist or Gandhian, and I’m certain those are influences, but I can’t really define where or how I began it as a spiritual discipline. 679 more words


Reflections on Head Season & Faster Masters

November is “off-season.” I know everyone’s hitting the winter training hard, but I just can’t. I am mentally and physically burnt out.

All said, 2019 has been a big year for me in rowing even though I didn’t race a lot. 791 more words


Lonely Author Recovery

Lonely Author Recovery

Hope everyone is doing well.

I was taking a little blogging break since my daughter was visiting me for ten days. I didn’t want to post anything since I knew I wouldn’t have time to read blogs or respond to comments on mine. 102 more words


Give Yourself Time

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I had the most incredible experience this week. I got to relax. I mean, really relax. I got to let go. 266 more words

Saying 'No' in a culture of 'Yes'?

In college, a friend of mine and I always joked that we were the ‘joiners’. If there was an extracurricular club or an event that needed volunteers we were the first ones to raise our hands or sign-up. 1,347 more words

Great Time to Hit the Reset Button

The summer is a distant memory. Especially for those of us who got snow on Halloween! Can you believe that? Sticking-to-the-ground-over-your-ankles snow on Halloween.

Fall ball is either behind us already as well, or there is one more weekend to go. 883 more words

General Thoughts