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2020, A New Meaning to Staycation

In a pre-pandemic life I would never have considered taking a week’s worth of annual leave just to stay at home. Sure, I’ve taken a day or two off in the past to enjoy a long weekend or to run some errands, but a week off work would always equate to a holiday away to sunnier climates. 1,195 more words


I asked for help at work. It wasn't easy, but it was the right thing to do

I had a phone call with my manager and an employee from the Safe to Work team at our organisation. I acknowledge that I am privileged in having access to a Safe to Work team. 932 more words

I took a week off in June, and didn't do much. It was great.

First week of June – 29-May through 07-June

2020 hasn’t been a pleasant year. 2019 wasn’t great either, but it wasn’t quite as bad, all told. 223 more words

Random Stuff

Words to start a weekend

Saw Austin Kleon tweet this at the start of a weekend:

Time off puts us back in touch with why we do things

So we watched…

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Recovery & Wellness

What a lovely place to be.  Sitting here with the Thursday afternoon sunshine coming through the back doors while some of my favorite somber music plays and fills my house with warmth.   98 more words


Straight in my perspective I don’t think I have a piece, where I wanted to type about death my mind said no to me.
These hands they do not now bleed, the passion they don’t now breed. 105 more words

Friday on Wednesday…

I’m on the cusp of taking my first vacation day since January. With a four-day weekend stretching out in front of me, I’m nearly as giddy as the proverbial school girl. 142 more words