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Where does all the time go?

Last night I came home, did the washing up I’d left to mature for a couple of days and prepared the evening meal. We had some leftover chicken, wrinkly carrots, bendy parsnips, over the hill mushrooms, softening onions and sprouting garlic. 361 more words

Haiku: Time flies

It’s frightening to think that the two thirds of the year has already flown by. Having reached a milestone birthday this year, I want time to pass as slowly as it seemed to when I was young. 24 more words


time recedes

flickers past

the beauty of a moment 9 more words


Clock on the Wall

The clock is on the garden wall, next to the star mirror.  As was pointed out this clock is now absolutely right twice every 24 hours. 75 more words

How firm thy friendship...

So a little bit of background to start this off.  I moved to California just over twenty years ago.  When I arrived I only knew two people, both of which worked very long hours so I was pretty much on my own.  952 more words

New Dad

Is time passing fast for you, too?

Ah, more fun stuff from my sweetheart’s visit to an auction.

There are a lot of things I haven’t done.

I haven’t: seen the ocean; seen a major-league baseball game; been out of the country; been to Maine – something I’ve yearned to do seemingly forever; taken a cruise; published a novel; been to a circus (I’ve reported on one being opened and saw the elephants raising the Big Top, but that was it); well, there are too many more things to mention. 319 more words


One Month

So, one month after I made this blog, it has exactly one real post.

One month after I made this blog, I still am in the same spot and still don’t have solid answers. 464 more words

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