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Inside and Outside The View Is Perfect

I don’t, as a rule, edit Beloved’s work, just as he doesn’t typically edit mine either.  However today was not a typical day and thus rules were meant to be broken.  343 more words



A man may be so sick

As to be sick of himself.

The house requires repairs

No doctor will save it now.

A man may build an empire… 18 more words


Flying Time

When did the years begin getting shorter? Was there something like a Summer Solstice that I missed? I remember when Christmas couldn’t get here soon enough. 18 more words

Radio Silence

Now, nearly three months on, when I think of Lynne, I am met with silence. It is like a radio station taken off air.

Since that summer of 2015, she had broadcast so noisily. 138 more words

” Time is passing: not leaden stepping but sprinting on winged feet, quick silver slipping by.”  -Richard L. Ratliff


2.3 Nature's Way

Hush, hush hushed the breaking grass

as we wended our winding way.

The canal’s muddy water lay still

’til the smooth water crashed, cascaded

over jaggedy, jeering rocky jaws. 45 more words