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Questions to Ask to Achieve the Results

What is it you want?

Where are you now?

What is holding you back?

When are you going to do something about it?

Any dream, desire or want starts as an idea. 90 more words


Slow worship: the essential antidote to a busy life

The words of the Magnificat weave, re-weave and weave again around the cathedral; the word’s of Mary’s Song are sung, echoed and repeated until the soul of the listener is wrapped in staves of music awakening, refreshing and sustaining the soul with each new note. 374 more words

God Reflections

Deadline Dynamics

I was having a discussion about deadlines with one of my students the other day, and it got me thinking about these strange things in our lives. 1,256 more words

Enabling Actions

Time and the Hunter

Once in a great while, hunters will complain about the HunterShooter format and its use of timers. Well, the novice shooters purchasing hunting licenses sometimes do when justifying their non-participation. 212 more words


Master the important, ignore the rest

Busy does not equal productive. It does require iron focus to keep gravitating towards the most important work, despite everything else that comes to the way. 200 more words


Learning to love deadlines

Oh, deadlines…even the word stresses us out. Whether it’s the last minute to submit the meeting minutes or the last day to sign up for daycare, the prospect of an approaching cliff challenges even the calmest to remain calm. 387 more words

Summer Rolls - going the extra mile, facing reality and discovering the gift of passion

Yesterday was truly an inspirational day for me. We started the day at 5:30 by starting to prepare and roll Vietnamese summer rolls to sell in the local event, which is spin off from the Restaurant day that’s popular in Helsinki, Finland. 393 more words