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Auditory Start Not "Realistic"

Converting light to bioelectrical signals that the brain can react to takes longer than biological sound signals to be processed. It’s evident already that the timer with auditory start signal is consistently faster because the OODA loop significantly shortened.

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Self-driving cars may soon be able to make moral and ethical decisions as humans do

New study demonstrating that human ethical decisions can be implemented into machines has strong implications for managing the moral dilemmas autonomous cars may face on the road.  665 more words


4 Helpers in Studying Under Time Pressure

*at the beginning of semester*

– There’s a final presentation due last week of classes, long way to go!

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Learning to stroll, browse and potter

‘How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives’ Annie Dillard

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Thor Hanson on cultural perception of time

Living in Africa, I soon came to realise that impatience may be an entirely Western phenomenon. Ugandans approach time from a fundamentally different perspective, not as a commodity to be spent or wasted, but as an event that unfolds continually, regardless of circumstances.

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13 Tips on How to Make More Out of Your Time

We all have the same amount of the time in the day, hour and minute.  Our life is fluid, ever changing moment of present moments. Our priorities do change. 704 more words


Hurry hurry 

I sit here during my legally required break, watching trucks, buses and cars go by. OK I know the buses, coaches and trucks are working, but why are the cars in such a hurry. 92 more words