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there’s such an inconceivably lot of things one can learn. it’s absolutely impossible to be an expert in all these fields and to know everything, and it can make you sick if you only think about what you haven’t learned yet. 110 more words


A Teacher's Blunder: The Pressure of Time

Experiencing pressure is normal and it is something that us humans have come to accept and challenge in our everyday lives. Some perform under pressure better than others, and some collapse under such intense moments. 654 more words

Using Time in Negotiations

The use of time in negotiations is a well known ploy that is more effective than meets the eye.

When you come into a car dealer for the third time to look at the same car, that dealer has a significant advantage. 809 more words

Enabling Actions

The Freeze

And then it was quiet…
First you might not have even noticed, then you might have suspected a temporary slackness and some weeks later you might have thought WordPress faced technical problems and stopped sending you our updates. 689 more words


It’s funny that when you have a lot of time you don’t manage to do much. We had three weeks of vacation and I did less work than in a week during the MBA. 341 more words

Out of control

When time’s getting away from you, running out of control… when you’re one step behind and you don’t feel like you can catch up… that’s when to hit the brakes.  37 more words

Time Management