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Steven Strogatz talking about feeling dumb for not solving something fast!

Just catching up on some blog reading and came (via Sue) across Steven Strogatz writing about training to use inquiry-based learning in his class for the first time and feeling embarrassed when he couldn’t solve something as fast as his colleagues! 17 more words

Math Education

When Time Stood Still

So we waited. Under the tree by the soccer field. We were on time, well, we were there when we were told it would start. But nothing was happening. 1,316 more words

The Kingdom

How To Pray

Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

My youngest recently graduated from High School, and the Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies have made me think for a couple of weeks about what I would say to graduates in one of the greatest transitions of life.  959 more words

Measuring Worth

Matthew 11 is an embarrassing chapter of Holy Writ.  John the Baptist, the one chosen to be the Elijah who would announce Jesus’ Kingdom, the fearless preacher who prepared the way of the Lord, the wild man dressed in camel’s hair who gathered crowds just for his outrageous boldness, is in this chapter lying in prison and full of doubt.  667 more words

Job Interview Questions

Job interviews need preparation. There are some questions, which come up time and time again. For example, questions about you, your experience, your background, your knowledge and the job itself.  733 more words

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Multitasking Information Behavior, Information Task Switching and Anxiety: An Exploratory Study

People engage very often in multitasking behaviours because of the complexity of everyday life and work environments. As life becomes more complex, people engage in multiple actions with multiple roles (Bühneret al., 2006). 349 more words

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take your time

there’s such an inconceivably lot of things one can learn. it’s absolutely impossible to be an expert in all these fields and to know everything, and it can make you sick if you only think about what you haven’t learned yet. 110 more words