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The power of power law

Power law is awesome.

Neat formula:

This is some code

# library("ggplot2")
x = 1:10
qplot(x, x^3, main="Plot!")

And now this is a nice plot

Thank you!


Visits Time Series of a WikiNet

I built a WikiNet (a Wikipedia subset) starting from the article of a recently released movie, and I considered visits history of all articles in the WikiNet, one year before and after the movie release. 232 more words

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Wikipedia Visits Global Behavior

I tried to understand and characterize Wikipedia visits time series (also in this post Wikipedia Visits Time Series). I analyzed a random sample of English Wikipedia articles, I considered a first set of 1 000 pages and a second set of 10 000 pages. 324 more words

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Wikipedia Visits Time Series

Wikipedia is currently maintained by a non-profit organization called Wikimedia Foundation which has the goal of encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual content. 618 more words

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Estimation of conditional density distributions

Assume we have temperature data for a given location and we want to predict today’s temperature at that location using yesterday’s temperature. More generally, the problem discussed in this blog post can be stated as “How to estimate the conditional density of the predicted variable given a value of the conditioning covariate?” 625 more words


Types of Data on R

There are different types of data on R. I use type here as a technical term, rather than merely a synonym of “variety”.  There are three main… 226 more words

Time Series

Forecasting a Timeseries

Suppose you have decided on a suitable model for a timeseries. In this case, we have selected an ARIMA(2,1,3) model, using the Akaike Information Criteria (AIC) as our sole criterion for choosing between various models… 235 more words

Time Series