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The power of power law

Power law is awesome.

Neat formula:

This is some code

# library("ggplot2")
x = 1:10
qplot(x, x^3, main="Plot!")

And now this is a nice plot

Thank you!


Visits Time Series of a WikiNet

I built a WikiNet (a Wikipedia subset) starting from the article of a recently released movie, and I considered visits history of all articles in the WikiNet, one year before and after the movie release. 232 more words

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Wikipedia Visits Global Behavior

I tried to understand and characterize Wikipedia visits time series (also in this post Wikipedia Visits Time Series). I analyzed a random sample of English Wikipedia articles, I considered a first set of 1 000 pages and a second set of 10 000 pages. 324 more words

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Wikipedia Visits Time Series

Wikipedia is currently maintained by a non-profit organization called Wikimedia Foundation which has the goal of encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual content. 618 more words

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