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Katauta 52 Project: #3

I thought I would mix it up a bit with this katauta. I busted out my cajon for this one since most of my stuff didn’t have percussion or beats. Time to change that.



Music 101: Time Signature

To go along with our music theory, time signature is very important on sheet music, it helps with the style and the “speed” of the piece of music a musician is playing. 163 more words


Lesson 5. Note Values, Time Signatures, Measures

Here is a chart of notes, beats, and rests.

Here is a printable sheet in which to write complete measures in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time signatures.   64 more words

Time Signatures

Time signatures define the meter of the music. Music is “marked off” in uniform sections called bars or measures, and time signatures establish the number of beats in each. 341 more words

2/4 Time