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Time Signatures

Time signatures define the meter of the music. Music is “marked off” in uniform sections called bars or measures, and time signatures establish the number of beats in each. 341 more words

2/4 Time

Time signatures

Time signatures (not to be confused with key signatures!) are the two numbers at the beginning of a piece of music. The time signature describes the pulse of the music, giving strong and weak beats. 144 more words


Time Signatures: Common Beats in 4/4 Time

Today we are going to talk about how to maneuver in 4/4 time.  Now, if you don’t know much about time signatures, don’t worry.  You probably know more about 4/4 time than you realize.   744 more words


Have we seen an end time signature experimentation in main stream pop music: If so Why?

In preparation for a lecture this week, I  was considering examples of popular music that use time signatures other than 4/4 or 3/4. As you will see in the Facebook responses below – the vast majority of responses where either examples of music from a while back – or music that was not intended for ‘chart consumption’. 90 more words


Out of Practice

Since the hubby had to take the car today, I figured I would be productive and clean a little, prepare for the maintanence people and then it’d be close to time for him to come home. 214 more words

Akcja Zorganizowanej Przecietnosci - To Tylko Test

artist: Akcja Zorganizowanej Przecietnosci
title: To Tylko Test
keywords:electronic,odd, time signatures, Polish, collage, eclectic,pop
label: Underpolen http://underpolen.bandcamp.com/

Jan Strach is an artist of all trades, but recently my eyes have certainly followed his works as a animator and music video director; well worth everyone’s time, really. 270 more words