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Reality - a multi-pointed reality

Have you come across a theory of reality like this, a multi -pointed reality?

Reality is like a multi-dimensional grid,
matrix of many separate points connected… 786 more words


Robonautics: Advances in Robotics Technology Could Make Deep Space Exploration More Plausible

In the popular science fiction movie epic “Interstellar” the central character returns from a momentous deep space voyage to other worlds in another galaxy via falling thorugh a wormhole AND an older black hole, to be confronted by the fact that although he has aged very little, due to traveling at near the speed of light for extended periods of time, his own daughter is now so advanced in years that she is a great-grandmother, now lying on her death-bed. 348 more words

Space Travel

Wendell Berry & "The Peace of Wild Things"

One of my readers responded recently with a note about the value of his “dogs, garden, and wild life” in his spiritual life. His response really spoke to me and reminded me of my own affinity with the natural world and helped to ground me on that occasion, bringing me down from the lofty heights of the aether that I often get intoxicated with when I trot this “stuff” out. 235 more words

Poetry And Prose

An Open Letter to Physics, from Happy People

Dear Physics:

I have a very luxurious problem.

Time is moving too fast and there are not enough hours in the day. There aren’t even enough days in the week. 646 more words

Jaidree Braddix


Waste: wide, empty energy, that spreads space out to great thin-ness and distance to transform it into its own image. When waste energy stretches land out, it makes short human journeys long. 26 more words