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CTS - NGO / Gifu, Mmm Que Rico, and See you later!

After my couple of quick days in Hokkaido, I continued on my farewell travels of Japan, catching another discounted flight down to Nagoya. I took a train to Ichinomiya, where my friends lived. 731 more words

Slice Of Life


I ventured to Sunset Plaza while shopping and stopped at this little lunch spot called Cravings. Apparently Cravings is the go-to for all the rich and famous. 183 more words

shepherd's pie revisited

i have been pondering shepherd’s pie lately, and finally started looking at recipes online. i had made this dish some time ago for my family, but the cinnamon with the meat was a definite turnoff in our non-british household. 333 more words


Pi on Sunset!

I am a big lover of Mediterranean food which is what brought me to Pi on Sunset, in West Hollywood. If you want to be transported to the set of the 1980’s flick… 137 more words

Awesome herbs!

Tonight’s bowl includes:
Parsley (curled)
Spring onion tips
And a special guest appearance from rocket ‘micro greens’

Im adding all of this to a mushroom sauce for my steak tonight ;-)

Happy gardening

The Flats


Has been a while since some pics of the harvest, so here is a quick update ;) 56 more words

The Flats

A Feast in the Foyer Tonight!

It’s been a few days since I left anything in the foyer, so I thought I feast was in order :-) 22 more words

The Flats