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Beef and Cheese Manicotti

This week has been a rough one for the Lawson household. Both boys have been sick and my husband and I ended up getting sick as well. 544 more words

Time To Eat

Tomato Jam

I love making this jam. It is sweet and tangy which adds the perfect element for avocado toast, a grilled hamburger, or on crackers with a cream cheese spread. 364 more words

Time To Eat

Blood Orange Infused Caprese Salad

A month ago I posted my recipe for Caprese Pasta Salad. Well today is the original favorite recipe along with a twist on infused olive oil. 437 more words

Time To Eat

Dr. Brownstone Sweet Summer LuvLuv Festival

The Spring House in Winston Salem, NC for the past five years has offered S I X days of deliciousness. Chef Timothy Grandinetti—aka Dr. Brownstone invites highly talented chefs to serve their food at the event. 458 more words

Time To Eat

When you want Korean comfort food...

Originally posted to The Source.

Whether you know it as juk or congee, rice porridge is one of those quintessential Asian comfort foods. It’s what my mom makes for me when I’m not feeling well, so I always associate porridge with being taken care of. 238 more words

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Creamy Coconut Rice

When I was cooking my fish tacos I tried to think of something different to make for the side dish. Once I saw coconut milk in the pantry along with rice I knew what I was going to do!  284 more words

Time To Eat

Eating Fresh: Farmers' Markets

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on “eating in season.” 

My brother lived in London for 16 months. During our international phone calls, texting conversations and Skype chats he would often mention stopping by the market on his way home from work, on foot, to pick up a few items to prepare for dinner. 621 more words

Eating Local