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Safety in Science Fiction

Taking the time to read Charles Yu’s “How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe” was a special treat for me. If I let myself read science fiction at all these days, it is flash fiction; something that won’t stick in my head while I try to finish my own science fiction novel. 744 more words


Contemplating Normalcy, Preventing My Illness, and Other Thoughts

A crush injury to my left leg back in the seventh grade changed my life forever. That particular injury caused my POTS. It was 150% preventable, which almost makes it worse. 331 more words

Chronic Illness

Stephen King * 11/22/63 Book review

I must say I love this book. It’s hefty in size but unlike Under the domeInsomnia or Needful Things, it wasn’t filled with unnecessary description of people and places but filled with stories about life and change. 1,561 more words

Stephen King

Episode 31: Night Shift Gets Cake ("Safety Not Guaranteed")

Episode 31: Night Shift Gets Cake (“Safety Not Guaranteed”)

Hey, everyone! This week we watched the movie “Safety Not Guaranteed”, and tried to make sense of time travel once again. 52 more words


Chapter 189: Stop being stupid! Stop it! Stop it!

“Stop being stupid! Stop it! Stop it!

You are the one who is reality-knitting.

Start knitting reality which makes sense.

The one full of people whose commitment means really committing!” 121 more words


In which I travel back in time

Life in Guam was admittedly a little odd for a while. Something felt…off. But once I realized what it was, it made life considerably easier to navigate. 1,192 more words


Civil War Transcendence, part 305

Mosby turned to one of his courtiers and ordered, “Go, see what’s happening and report to me.”

The courtier saluted and ran out the door of the church. 601 more words

Time Travel