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A theft of emotion, transforming you into a blank slate–the materials found in a small section of Pennsylvania which lies on the East.

That’s where you can Coast into her mind, leaking magnificent thoughts. 293 more words


Sapphire Blue (The Ruby Red Trilogy #2) by Kerstin Gier ~ Book Review

Since I read this book so shortly after Ruby Red, I kind of have a hard time distinguishing where one end and the other starts. 461 more words

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Review: Crux by Julie Reece

Crux by Julie Reece

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! What a wonderful, unexpected find! I think I mentioned that my husband recommended a book titled Crux to me a while back. 290 more words


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So, how is it?
Tina stared at her phone, amazed she had cell service, then back out the window of her parents’ car. 2,125 more words

Young Adult

Civil War Transcendence, part 147

Staying in the dense cover of the trees, I maneuvered down to the Potomac to see what mischief the Yanks were up to. Sure enough, they were definitely up to no good. 395 more words

Civil War

Remember the Alamo!

Remember the Alamo! by Kevin Randle and Robert Cornett
Charter Books, 1986 (originally published 1980)
Price I paid: 75¢

In 1836, Mexican troops under Santa Anna defeated a small band of Texan defenders at the Alamo.

2,241 more words

Dreaming of space!

Since when I can remember, I have looked up at the night sky waiting for something to move…I had no need for scientific proof about the existence of life outside of the earth. 999 more words