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Daily Dream 07-27-2016 Rabbits

The Dream I had last night:

The children giggled with excitement as they reached into the box. Each one brought out a tiny bunny, the little baby fluff balls running from shades of pure white to midnight black. 504 more words



What if you found a place to live where everything seemed so much simpler, so much more old-fashioned, than the world around you?  Wouldn’t that seem rather appealing, especially if your life was somewhat chaotic and difficult?   246 more words

Future me.

Like clockwork she hobbles through the door of the pub

Short and hunched carrying her world in her bags

She is younger than the lines on her face

That embody her life of booze and fags

They call her the crazy welly lady

I call her future me

She is the only evidence i need

To prove that time travel is real.

- E.

Ready? Whatever! Fire! Aim!

On Jun 6, 2016 at 1:04 PM Coco marched into my office and said:

– Invite 10 women to follow The Art of Fat War… 341 more words


A World Without You

A World Without You

Author: Beth Revis

Grade: A

“You are not one person. You are a different person in each moment of time.”

Bo believes that he can travel through time. 429 more words


Looking for some Guest Bloggers with their own Tales from the Darkside

Have you ever had a unexplained experience? Have you ever witnesses the paranormal? Do you write short stories or poems that deal with the darkness? I want to hear from you. 28 more words