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A Most Extraordinary Pursuit

Book Review:  A Most Extraordinary Pursuit (Emmeline Truelove #1) by Juliana Gray

One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…

I picked this up thinking it would be a historical mystery with a touch of romance. 491 more words


John Titor: A Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler

Have you ever heard of a guy named John Titor? No? Well let me tell you. In November 2000 there was a guy who called himself John Titor claiming to be from the future. 564 more words


Stamps, and Other Ways to Transcend Time

Avenue de Marigny. A place I found using nothing more than a screenshot of a map. No Google maps, no divine intervention. Perhaps it was just a stroke of luck, or maybe I’m finally learning how to read (and understand) the streets sign. 365 more words

A wildcat named Horace

Morning Chaps! I have been back down to see Simon and Seska in their research lab, we have been having a lot of discussions about the implications of the notices that Peter and Zsofia brought back from the future. 340 more words


a look at Beth D. Carter & 'Recover Me' @BethDCarter @evernightpub #TimeTravel #Romance

Today we have author Beth D. Carter visiting with her wonderful story Recover Me. How do I know it’s wonderful? Because I’ve had a chance to read it! 859 more words

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