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OFFICIAL: Time Travel Will Never Be Possible

I don’t know about you, but growing up, I often thought about the possibility of time travel; into the future, back into the past, anywhere in between. 730 more words


І Travelled Васk Іn Тhе Past

We tаkе іt fоr granted thаt thе раst іs fixed. History аlwауs happened thе wау wе remember іt happening. Вut hоw dо wе knоw fоr surе thаt that’s thе case? 522 more words

Flash Fictions 小小說

The Real Time Traveler

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of time travel, maybe as a means of escape from this so-called reality into which I was born. The year is 2037, and the reality of life on planet earth is not so good. 7,061 more words


Absorbing a Culture // Arrival Movie Review

Arrival is not an ordinary science fiction movie. It does not comply with the general rules of the genre, and when you finish watching it, you can either be mesmerized, or disappointed. 365 more words



In my youth I was shown all the ways to you.  So vast and intricate, and in this wonder I stood paralyzed, unable to move toward you in terrible awe of the all-seeing eye design, dynamic and changeless.  514 more words


Advice to yourself as a 15 year old - what would it be?

In our Creative Flow as Resource course we spend a good deal of time learning about our temporal prefereces, how we deal with time, how we use and where does it myseriously go? 37 more words

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