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Ozark Howler from Another Dimension

As many have noted, the Ozark Howler has an appearance so outlandish as to make the literal reality of its existence as an earthbound creature too implausible to ignore. 6,346 more words


Killing Baby Hitler (The Left Hates Babies)

This subject has been trending as of late, and there’s one rather big thing about it that I haven’t heard anyone say yet. 461 more words


This Or That: What Kind Of Stories You Love The Most?

We all love to read that much is clear if you’re here. But what do you read? Especially, what is it that you love to read the most? 1,433 more words

Between The Pages Of A Book

A Spray of Short Stories

I mean the word “spray” in the title both as a powerful expulsion of metaphorical liquid and as an attractive display of flamboyant flowers. I’ve recently written a blog post called “ 651 more words

On Writing

“Time travel plot lines are best left for films, or at least groups where we all like each other and none of us are on medication or have life threatening health conditions.” moans [X] “I have epilepsy, you know. 23 more words

Writing Prompts