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The burden of being...

The ‘Never Was’ are free from the burden of proof
Twice as free from the burden of guilt
No accusation can stick to them
They have no need to prove themselves to anyone… 124 more words

Is It OK To Dream?

In the middle of a three day weekend. Lately I’ve been having trouble staying in my ‘now’. I’ve been drifting off into yesterday and tomorrow a lot and I know that’s not good. 174 more words



Time and time again,

In person or even just on a picture.

You’re a still a sight as amazing as the first time I laid eyes on you. 149 more words

The World Of Poetry

Hurry up, Time! (A sonnet)

O! Time, pray tell why do you tick so slow
My heart flutters wild and mad, don’t you know?
To be near my love so true and divine… 120 more words


Il Boschetto

Restaurant– Il Boschetto— San Daniele, Italy

Dinner time with friends…

Typical San Daniele plate: Potato Frico

First Course: Pasta with prosciutto San Daniele and pistachio… 11 more words


My Life is Yours 

Do you believe God has a sense of humor?

That’s a question that I’ve always wondered about but never had a sincere source of validation until now. 365 more words



I move my hands

Around my face.


You must wait

For me to change…

Fast or slow

Does it matter?

I always change. 60 more words