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Friday haiku 18

Sparrows in the lilac
argue loudly
about the weather


Hypernovas: Explosions in Space

Big Numbers in Time

The average lifespan of a human being is approximately 80 years. This number pales in comparison to the lifespans of celestial bodies such as the stars, luminous spheres of plasma that illuminate the night sky… 1,424 more words

Let's Get Thinking


​Joined at the hips with vanity
We danced at its many fairs
Buttocks swung our each and every way
And many corruptions over us held sway… 137 more words

Original Works

Art and Time

Sometimes you have to seize the time and give us time to pursue what is supposed to be instead of rushing blindly but to pause and reflect. 34 more words

Let's Talk Online Communities

Hello all,
This weeks blog post is about online communities. What exactly is an online community you ask? Well an online community is a virtual community whose members interact with each other while online. 307 more words

Mannequin-ize the time

Control the time nor control the nature…
If the nature have taken the mannequin challenge…
If they stop moving, then we shall have the chance to see “time”…

Snug falls -9 July 2016