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Half a world away

The most confusing thing about international travel is working out what time it is. Even the one hour difference can trip you up – you can easily find yourself arriving somewhere an hour early or an hour late. 670 more words


Hands of the clock

Time passes by along the lines of moments,

Some occasions twinkle, some are frozen.

Those hands of the clock are mighty, they’re potent,

They hide a hundred sorrows that are unspoken. 48 more words

What to do with unexpected time

I’ve got 22 minutes to write something before I pick up the phone and dial my friend for a long overdue chat.

We agreed to talk at 2000 hours but she’s pushed me back to 2020 hours so she has time to eat some dinner. 432 more words



​miscounted minutes


of empty air

i think

i lost



how long

have i been gone ? 20 more words


Australian Open – Andy Murray’s missed opportunity will sting for some time

MELBOURNE, Australia — You wait 10 years for Novak Djokovic to be out of your way — and then someone else comes along to ruin your title hopes. 8 more words

Los Angeles Women’s March: Thousands Flood the Streets – TIME

TIME Los Angeles Women’s March: Thousands Flood the StreetsTIMEAngela Weiss—AFP/Getty Images Protesters march in Los Angeles during the Women’s March on Jan. 21, 2017. People…