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Into Evening

So sings the evening
Of an old age receding
Into nothing left repeating
On and on.

Fading light contrasted
To the green that never lasted… 51 more words


January 28, 2016

PREFACE: This is an excerpt from my diary that is very personal and close to my heart. I thought it might help those who were feeling the way I was feeling through dealing with heartache. 632 more words

Please don't take this personal

When I was 16, I made a mistake and gave myself to a boy who didn’t care to catch me – just to get off. And as a result, I was left crumbled and alone and a little bit smaller than I had been before. 451 more words


An Interview with Kate Heartfield

Through the Twisted Woods interviews speculative fiction writer and non-fiction writer and editor Kate Heartfield about her recent story in Clockwork Canada called The Seven O’Clock Man… 88 more words


Wait! Don’t Give Up! It is Coming in Time!

No, please not another year! Do I have to wait another year?  What have I done to cause this long delay?  How do I find the strength to continue even though I am discouraged and tired?  513 more words

Time and motion

I enjoyed the bank holiday Monday extension to our weekend but I know that I will be bewildered about the days of the week now, all week. 348 more words