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He finds, as we all do perhaps, that the pace of life is faster today than it was a generation ago. Estates are “no longer family-transferred like before” and maintained lovingly with a deference to history and patrimony, but sold to new owners who have a different take on how things should be, and a garden’s lifespan is growing shorter.

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Ellie Goulding - Legit having the time of my life as a human metronome...

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We All Stumble and Fall From Time to Time

You know as well as I do, that we all can stumble from time to time. Things just don’t go right. Sometimes, these mishaps and setbacks are of our own making (Guilty as charged). 622 more words



This is probably the most debated concept in humanity today. My position…compared to what the 3 major religions state with the world create in 7 days and Adam and Eve yeah…I don’t believe in that. 629 more words


I’m not your Romeo

There’s nothing tragic here

I tell you once

I tell you twice

But you don’t disappear

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these coincidences... how they drive me insane

What are the chances that there would be me and you in this space, at this time, on different days. A strange thought…

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The King of Tides

Even in the U.S., I sometimes find myself bewildered. I was watching the news in Florida when I heard the weather forecasters talk about the king tide approaching. 34 more words