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Time Thief

Years have come and years have passed,

many moons have come and gone.

The one thing that seems to last

Is a clock that ticks too fast… 95 more words


Yesterday & Today

Yesterday & Today

Driven by progress,
Change is a constant…

Two worlds merge,
Virtual and Real

Experience the difference,
Digital and Acoustic

One world dominates, 24 more words


Death and Life are both NOW

When we speak of death, or think about it,
That is death as a thought/concept.
The concept of death is always connected to time.
It is a thought about the future, usually the far future. 162 more words


Black Holes: A Meek Pi

A black holes, merely we need to adhere its meek realm where one never wants to be there, nonetheless one can be there if listening its sound. 1,126 more words

Time and space in the relationships between people

How the confrontation between people can be expressed in art works?

The confrontation with oneself can be achieved through private video. It is a means of self-knowledge. 412 more words

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