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I don't know how people have the patience..

ISo to cut a long story short, my phone contract finished this month and I wasn’t going to bother renewing, save some extra cash for the wedding and all that jazz. 164 more words

April 18th (bigness)

Today was good, although I can’t really comment on any specifics. Since yesterday, I’ve been kind of overwhelmed by the enormity of time, and how small each moment is in comparison to all things. 55 more words


The Eternal Possesses Time

As in the poem ‘All the Time in the World
the nature of an eternal ‘Other’
that pervades space and time,
cannot be defined in spacetime words, 386 more words


Pic Post Friday!

I had a wonderful quick getaway with my amazing wife Jeanne earlier this week.   We stole a couple days from the schedule and visited Saugatuck, Michigan.   249 more words

thankful friday / listening

Listen.  I often forget how hard it is to listen.  It takes concentration and focus to really listen to someone.  You have to stop your own mind from racing to the next thought or comment and just pay attention to the person talking. 164 more words

To Be Loved


Blue kaleidoscope-
Rumbling deliriously
Sea of purplicious

Day 293/365 – Morgan’s #DailyHaikuChallenge. Join in and link back to her blog.


The Temple

“Take off the masks,
Throw away the labels, You are in a Holy place.”

He said those words with firmness mixed up with loving waves. 281 more words