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Most of the Time I Ask For It...

Or I at least know what to expect.  If I go to an old workplace, I expect the possibility of seeing old coworkers.  If I go to old haunts, or to an old friends party, I expect to see the people I hung out with at these places.  150 more words

Homeowners: Great Time to Sell, But Not to Buy and Here’s Why

DALLAS/Nov. 15, 2017 (PRNewswire)(StlRealEstate.News) It s a seller s market thanks to low inventory, but according to ValueInsured s latest quarterly Modern Homebuyer Survey, many would-be sellers are hesitating to sell because of the high price they d The post Homeowners: Great Time to Sell, But Not to Buy and Here s Why appeared first on STL News.

As Leaders, We Each Have a Time Horizon We are Comfortable with...

In the 1960s, while consulting for a British factory, Elliott Jaques had a controversial insight: Employees at different levels of the company had different time horizons.  380 more words


533. Tomorrows

I borrow from a debt deferred,
whose time comes unannounced,
but such its paltry interest
that hardly did I doubt
a splurging day or week of treats… 54 more words


The 50/30/20 rule

the 50/30/20 rules can help start or restart your budget, 50% of your income toward necessities, to living expenses and essentials. This includes your housing and bills, food and transportation for work.  66 more words


A Gift of Time

What do we do with the time we have been given? This video certainly puts all that into perspective.