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Songs of the Day

A regular part of this site, my song of the day posts. Strangely Summer 2016 has yet to have a “Song of the Summer”, but that doesn’t stop me from finding needles in a haystack. 253 more words



It’s been awhile since i’ve tried to write something for people to actually read. But let’s try this again..  

Look, I started writing in High School to get thoughts out of my mind. 1,993 more words

song of the day.

todays song is timeflies’ ex games.

i first discovered timeflies’ music about three years ago, when my sister insisted that we listen to their album  306 more words


I'm back!

Glad to be. It’s been almost 2 years since my last post. Time flies and sometimes we forget that reality and our efforts slacken as a result. 65 more words

Once in a While...My Music Taste Changes

I don’t know where it came from – probably from an entirely different musical planet than the songs I usually find myself hitting “replay” on, but Timeflies’ “Once in a While” is my official song of the summer. 99 more words

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Time to Reflect

As people – we let time run it’s course.. Things happen, time goes on, you keep it moving. You wake up and realise it’s been 5 years since [ 696 more words


Entry #13: My First Regret in Motherhood

Dear Jacob,

Time is such a mysterious thing. Just when we think our days couldn’t be longer, and the minutes couldn’t pass quicker, we blink, and our little baby is one. 561 more words