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HAHAHA You're Going to School

Well well well, it seems that the last time I updated this blog was when you were 37 weeks old.

You are now 4 years and 11 months old – exactly one month before you turn 5. 653 more words

Sky Lounge Views

This is a window of lounge in my residence hall. It’s actually super cool because the entire room is basically made up of window walls. It’s perfect for taking in the sky or the sunset or thunder storms. 83 more words

People And Places

4 years since my grandparents died, almost 10 years since I’ve known one of my childhood friends, more than 14 years since I first stepped into school for the very first time I close my eyes and there they are – the Memories.The happy memories and the soul crushing moments, the awkward moments and the lessons well learned, the sweet lies and the bitter truths, the crazy moments and that uncontrollable laughter, the selfish moments and the little acts of kindness, the hidden secrets and the unsaid words, the unshed tears and the glistening eyes, the ugly scars and heart wrenching pain, the shattered hearts and broken promises, the people who loved and the people who hate, the people who left and the people who stayed, the comforting hugs and concerned eyes, the special moments and the precious memories my friends gave me to rejoice forever.

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28 hours Madrid - thoughts about time

Me and this city have a history. In fact, I lived in Madrid for one year in 2001/2002.

How did I get there? FedĀ up and angry about the nasty way I got sacked from my job in an advertising agency, I decided to leave. 371 more words


Just For Fun

Cal Shapiro and Rob “Rez” Resnick make up the duo that is Timeflies. Shapiro is the lead vocals while Resnick is the producer of the tracks and sings on parts of some songs. 517 more words

Avenue of America's Best Known Celebrities

During my time in NYC this past year, I’ve encountered a handeful of celebrities, mostly because I see them filming at work for Say Yes to the Dress, including Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. 229 more words