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Elva wrote:  I also helped Kenneth at the dairy.  Sometimes feeding the cows and sometimes milking them.  Many times I milked 80 cows while Kenneth cleaned corrals, fed calves and cows, and put straw in the corrals.  180 more words


Crichton Initiation

Buckle up, because here comes a review. (Don’t worry; since this is my “pilot” review, I’ll keep it relatively neutral, so no cutthroat cynicism… or, at least, very little). 522 more words


Today in History: July 28

13000000000000 BCE- God creates the Universe but does not disclose method, making the Universe wholly unscientific. Scientists never let God live it down.

12999999999999 BCE- Universe is a year old and already starting to walk! 510 more words

Flash Fiction

Making the Most of Break

“Where have you been?” If you’re not seen in town for a few days, people start to notice. This morning, I was asked that exact question by my favorite produce vendor. 338 more words


Suddenly...His Song Comes On!

Check out these birds…too funny! Chattin with a guy in the club when suddenly, his song comes on!