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The Post-Psychotic Universe, Part I

“It’s funny
But it’s true
And it’s true
But it’s not funny
Time comes and goes
All the while
I still think of you
Some things last a long time” — Daniel Johnston… 2,006 more words


Week 2


There was movement at the station.. for the word has got around, that the block of Chelsea 23 was on its way! Tuesday

We have a delivery and pipeworks! 65 more words

Boutique Homes

Old Testament Timeline

The Following is a Timeline of the Old Testament sourced from the Holy Bible and the Survey of the Old Testament by Hill and Walton.  This was a project I had the opportunity of putting together for my studies in surveying the Old Testament. 91 more words


Anatomy of A Novel: Part 5: Timeline

I do a timeline for every novel I write. I don’t always do it before I start writing, but when I start to get muddled about where in the first week my characters are, I sit down and work my way through the text, pinpointing which day is which, and adjusting my outline to reflect the timeline. 1,137 more words


That tangled Russian web: a rundown

Ok, if you’re like me, you’re probably finding it difficult to keep track of the procession of events unfolding around us. There’s chaos – a White House administration that rarely seems to share a page; there’s running roughshod across the Constitution – Executive Orders, barring members of the press from White House briefings; there are lies – Kellyanne Conway and fake terrorist attacks; Trump and fake terrorist attacks; there’s a Congress whose members are refusing to communicate with their constituents while working furiously to roll back healthcare from about 20 million of them; there’s Bannon – who, rumor has it, is drafting the Executive Orders and Presidential Memorandums, who has also vowed to dismantle the administrative state (Leninist that he is); the list goes on and on and on and on. 2,725 more words