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"What time do you leave?"

LANE: What time is it?
RORY: It’s eight. What time do you leave?
LANE: I have a ten o’clock flight.

If it’s 8 pm and Lane’s flight is at 10 pm, shouldn’t she be at the airport already, or at least on her way there? 44 more words

Reality Check

CW The Flash : Calcified Speed Force

I have been wondering where Calcified Speed Force which was used as the¬†Philosopher’s Stone (The Brahmastra) by Alchemy came from.

Pieces don’t just break off. 146 more words


"I had a really lousy night"

LORELAI: Hey Sookie. Is there any coffee left? I had a really lousy night.
SOOKIE: Oh sorry. Ya know, I’ve been so busy I didn’t even think about it. 63 more words

Oh Really?

What a difference 3 months makes

I was just looking at past photographs that I took of the land, and it seems to me that time has really flown by. As always, time moves ever so slowly when you’re in the build, but looking back at the past 3 months, I’m really happy at the progress we have had with the house. 36 more words

Awesome Bible Resources - Correlates with CC Cycle 1, Week 1

A word on Amazon Prime: You will notice that a lot of my posts feature links for videos that you can watch for free if you are a member of Amazon Prime. 1,610 more words

Classical Conversations Timeline Resources Cycle 1

Very LONG overdue update


It’s been a confusing year. Some of you have seen me around, some of you haven’t, and many of you might be wondering, what the heck is going on with Tracy? 1,573 more words

50% Rye Bread - Sticks - Rolls


  • 200g Rye Sourdough Starter (100% Rye Flour based)
  • 700g Warm Water
  • 400g Whole Grain Rye Flour
  • 600g Whole Wheat Flour