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A public participation in PROMPT

I have just experienced my first ever time of completing a PROMPT Evaluation (as mentioned in my previous blog) and I found it  a really useful tool with which to think about a website. 149 more words


Barriers to using the Web

Due to my work being in digital inclusion, I am fairly clued up on the barriers that exist, which are largely, though not exclusively, linked to age, disability and poverty. 426 more words


A highly subjective analysis of the importance of being timely

The clock in my car is set 7 minutes fast. When I inherited the car from my mother, it was set 3 minutes fast. As it has gotten further and further from the actual time, I have done nothing to fix it. 517 more words


Patience a key on the soul's map

It was a turning point when I realized that patience isn’t something I “should” cultivate or practice, but a bearer of grace and mystery that deserves to be warmly welcomed into my life. 337 more words

On The Heart's Path

July 21

What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago today?

“A great Variety of new Articles, just arrived in Capt. Gordon.”

Like several other merchants and shopkeepers in colonial Charleston, John Davies advertised in more than one of the city’s newspapers. 362 more words

Daily Advert Update

I was late to pick up my kid once. I'll never do it again.

“He’s 16 now, but he still remembers that day. When my kid hurts, I hurt myself, too. My absence at the end of the school day didn’t match my words at the beginning when I said I’d be waiting for him when school let out and summer began. 65 more words


Selling Your Bedford House: a Tool Called PST!

If you see the letters “PST!” in connection with selling a house in Bedford, don’t think it’s someone whispering to get your attention (that would be spelled “ 538 more words

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