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Oh, my ears and whiskers! I'm on time!

While going over the old “How to Tell if You’re Imperial” post, this particular entry stood out to me:

If you have an appointment, you’ll be sure to turn up a couple of minutes late.

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Day 23 - Buddha Blessings

Loosely interpreted via an extensive 5-minute Google survey, the mudras exhibited here represent a dispelling of fear (the Buddha’s right palm facing outward near his chest) and a blessing of wisdom or equanimity (shown in his left hand position). 288 more words

Too Long

Because of my proclivity to sunbathe when I was younger, I now must see my dermatologist every three months for a skin cancer checkup. I have had two melanomas, one of which was on my forehead and has left a fairly deep cleft. 219 more words

Just Once

Just once I’d like a client to text me this, “Hey, I am running right on time today and I will be at our appointment at exactly the time we planned.  402 more words


The Partnership Between Artists and Their Audiences: A Commentary on Lauryn Hill, Artistry, and Respect

I have identified as an artist for as long as I can remember, whether it be in terms of my various forms of writing (short stories, novels, poems), my acting, and now my directing and play-writing.   1,675 more words


Tempus Fuckit

It’s better to be 15 minutes late than 45 minutes early.

Better Cunctation than Cessation

What’s the first thing you thought of when you saw that first C word? Whatever first may have come to mind is almost certainly not what it means. 174 more words