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The World Has Clocks...

…Africa has time. I just learned that idiom. (Shout out to my new pal, Jill, who taught me this one!) This is especially true in Kenya. 340 more words


Do what you can't

“Change jobs…nah, you can’t do that right now. You have to think about your family.”

“Buy a house? Bad idea…you can’t do that with everything else you have going on.” 444 more words

Time keeps on slipping into the future

Time is a fascinating variable. It’s personal use is often regarded as highly valuable by its ‘owner’, yet strangely regarded as unimportant by many others. 366 more words


Confessions of an "always late" person

I am always late. Usually 10 minutes, almost to the minute. When something is very very important and a special event (e.g. Interview) I am on time, but otherwise I am late. 235 more words


Pleasing Speech

Right Speech is, of course, one of the factors of the Eightfold Path so it should always be at the fore. Unfortunately, I have found that my speech can often be rough and acerbic when it comes to my wife and children. 130 more words


**Thoughts Of Taris** #26

***Thoughts of Taris** #26


Do you ever wonder why we never get to eat a full course meal in the morning? It is simply because we are always in a rush for no reason. 241 more words


Recent Illinois Case: Bachewicz v. Holland & Knight

In this unpublished opinion, the First District affirmed the trial court’s grant of summary judgment to a law firm.

The court held that the case was time-barred despite the plaintiff’s argument that he did not know the amount of his damages until less than two years from the time he brought his claim. 120 more words

Recent Illinois Cases