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Taking Action

Quite the most difficult thing is taking action or so it seems. The above cartoon speaks volumes and is very widely applicable. Many prefer to talk the hind legs off a donkey before they get around to anything. 410 more words

Self Discovery

That Sell By Date

Yesterday afternoon I was reflecting on timeliness and sell-by dates. My father used to be a metallurgist and because of that I had an itinerant childhood. 598 more words


Haitian time

They are days when everything goes according to plan, and more often, there are days when Haitian time is in full effect. And I really hate Haitian time! 140 more words


The Price of Meandering . .

This journey called life is not meant to be an aimless meander; but rather a purposeful, forward trek for the sake of fulfilling God’s will for us and completing His plans. 377 more words


What is the price of fast news?

Journalism and news organizations were once the epitome of accuracy and were the pride of academic and professional outlets everywhere for their sense of duty towards verifying sources and covering relevant content. 782 more words



I don’t know where I learned that being on time was one of the traits I wished to cultivate. Perhaps it came from my strong desire to please. 200 more words

The Business of Editing: A Fourth Fundamental Business Mistake That Editors Make

Flexibility and Accessibility

When someone is asked why they chose to be a freelance editor, quite often the response centers on flexibility — the idea that freelance editors can set their own schedule. 1,365 more words

Professional Editors