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Serif or Sans Serif?

Since graphic design hinges on typography, it’s important to know how to discern type and why you should do so. There are two top tier categories that describe the appearance of type: Serif and Sans Serif. 180 more words


In the world of graphic design, we use the terms font or typeface to reference the visual style of letters that will make up your words (i.e. 84 more words

The Sweatpants of Career Advice

Many years ago, I got a call from A&E’s Biography magazine. I’d applied for an entry-level editorial job, so upon answering the phone, I was excited. 551 more words


Shakespeare Sonnett 111

I decided to tackle some typesetting this year at Cherryburn and so I sorted out the Times New Roman size 12 tray of type. The main problem was that so many letters were in the wrong boxes and gave rise to some interesting typesetting: “Happy Dirthday” was one example and I thought it would start an interesting trend…perhaps.. 604 more words

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Times OLD Roman

Ancient script brings a whole new level to the term hand lettering. These letters are literally chiseled out of marble and still around today. Talk about longevity of work. 72 more words


#1313 - Set Default Font

I don’t know why Microsoft decided a few years back to switch the default font in Word from Times New Roman 12 pt. to Calibri 11 pt., or why they changed default spacing from 1 to 1.15 with space after the paragraph, but fixing the damn formatting in Word is the first thing I do every time I get a new computer.

Sketch A Day

Salmon Jam Press

Salmon Jam Press is based at Cherryburn. I am busy sorting the Times New Roman pt 12 type case to make sure everything is in the right place before I start typesetting. 81 more words

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