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From "Times New Roman is Departing Our World" by Sonny Sharif

The assembled Fonts of Wisdom reflected gravely on the news.

“Times New Roman was the greatest of our number, our leader in times of heartache,” said Courier New. 109 more words


I Hate Times New Roman

I hate Times Knew Roman
it’s the best way to conform
size 12 font with black on white
is quite the social norm

but i hate times new roman… 117 more words


Windows 10 upgrade messed up my chrome fonts

When I upgraded to windows 10, my chrome’s default font got messed up. I already tried messing around with the chrome settings, I changed the fonts to different ones (arial, times new roman, Helvetica), but the fonts don’t change. 37 more words



De mic cred ca am avut o inclinatie pentru poezie, dar…nicidecum pentru a o scrie. Al dracu’ “eu liric”, la mine n-a fost complet. In fine, prima poezie am scris-o pe la 7 ani, ceva mai banal nici ca se putea scrie, un fel de “Ana are mere”. 271 more words

D'ale Mele

Ode to Courier

I have been trying to find a font suited to all my needs ever since I began using a computer. Windings were the first font I considered dedicating myself too until  I learned how to read and write and realized I needed to find a font with letters and numbers. 466 more words

Résumé Font: What Does It Say about You?

Your résumé often creates an employer’s very first impression of you as a candidate. Undoubtedly, you have labored over how to format the content effectively, and you have worked to highlight your accomplishments while using strong, active verbs. 419 more words

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