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Child Custody

Formatting a manuscript: Fonts for Submissions

Why are font choices important?

When reading a piece of writing, perhaps even more important than the actual text, in terms of letting the reader actually comprehend your work is your formatting. 785 more words


Times New Roman, 12 Point

Stanley Morison, an influential adviser for the British Monotype Corporation, was born on this date in 1889. Among other typefaces, he oversaw the development of Times New Roman, Perpetua, and Gill Sans.


Does Times New Roman Make My Resumé Look Old?

We do all sorts of things to look good for an interview. If you’re over 35, I’d be willing to bet some of those things are related to looking younger and more with it. 761 more words

Legal Career Advice

Serif or Sans Serif?

Since graphic design hinges on typography, it’s important to know how to discern type and why you should do so. There are two top tier categories that describe the appearance of type: Serif and Sans Serif. 180 more words


In the world of graphic design, we use the terms font or typeface to reference the visual style of letters that will make up your words (i.e. 84 more words

The Sweatpants of Career Advice

Many years ago, I got a call from A&E’s Biography magazine. I’d applied for an entry-level editorial job, so upon answering the phone, I was excited. 551 more words