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Honey Butter Ft. Chris Savor — Times (2015)

Mooodaaay! Agaaaain!

But this morning I am feeling better, than usually in monday morning :)
This music made my day. Hope you too. Enjoy!

Honey Butter… 12 more words


Σαββατιάτικες χαλαρές στιγμές...

Αχ, ένα σάββατο, που ξυπνάς χαλαρά, ωραία και ήσυχα. Και το κυριώτερο στεγνά! Φοβάμαι μόνο μην αρχίζουν να “διαμαρτύρονται” τα φύκια :) τα θεωρώ όμως λογικά χορταράκια οπότε αισιοδοξώ.


Love Run Philly 2015

Rugby game yesterday. Yeah, I know it’s probably really annoying to read the back-and-forth “do I play or do I not play?” shenanigans that have been happening. 781 more words

Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Who can utter the mighty acts of the Lord?

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Ok, so yes, I am a few years behind the times….BUT, I am going on a “Catfish” bender as I can watch the first two seasons for free on Amazon prime. 75 more words

Getting up

Things are going in the direction I’d like them to go, and that makes me content.
I’m picking up pieces, letting go of the past and just moving on. 10 more words