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Urgent government recalls

Click to enlargeBy Brian McFadden

Folks don’t always know the NY TIMES publishes some delightfully pointed cartoons.


Goods For The Home | How African Masks Were Used in Ancient Times

African Masks – Masks are one of the elements of African art that have most evidently influenced European and Western art in general; in the 20th century, artistic movements

I Am Beyond Confused At Times.....are These Symptoms?

Its only been 5 months now and I am holding off on getting into our relationship until i feel he is ready to get into one. 92 more words

The final journey

Yesterday, I went to meet a childhood friend who lost her father to a heart attack a week ago. She is also a single child like me (somehow deaths hit you harder because you feel that much more lonely in the world with no siblings to share the grief or the coping process) and it came like a jolt to hear that her father who was always healthy and active was no more, all in the span of ten minutes that her mom happened to witness. 148 more words


Midnight thoughts

I know I should be sleeping, tomorrow more presentations and yada yada yada but… The Black Parade! So ney! I’m kidding. After the CD ends I’ll sleep. 237 more words


We've Gotcha Covered

Hello. I am writing this post from a truck stop/restaurant/gas station in Hixton, WI. Not your normal “blogging location,” I know. I’ve been meaning to post something for a while, but the end of the semester just got to me. 615 more words

People Lover

The Bard

The pen pressed hard,

On ink and card,

“Enough!” said the sage,

Filled with rage,

And banished the desolate bard.