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Get me out of here!

There’s a funny thought whenever I say that I want to get out of here. That the only person that’s going to get me out of here is myself! 37 more words


The Red Nose

The clown’s job by day was to make people laugh, so that they always had a good time.

The clown by night, was a most lonely man who’d lament and… 33 more words


My Crazy Adventurous Insanely Epic Weekend

So I can honestly say, without a doubt, that this last weekend has been the most adventurous, crazy fun weekend I have ever had in my entire life. 529 more words


Feelting Momemnts

You flutter as time catches you

Shiver as circular stream washes over you

Last week it shutter stopped and hopped

After that you flew of like a butterfly… 153 more words


Majestic Mustache

I can only say it was majestic. I went with my mother to the supermarket and I saw and old man with an incredible mustache. I got even more depressed because I’m not a hairy man.

Oh that beautiful mustache.


Where Will You Be Watching Fireworks On The Fourth Of July?

Fourth of July isn’t the Fourth of July without some fireworks to go with it!

It seems like just about every community does them, but the question is when, where and at what time? 65 more words