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IF: go around again

I published this almost a year ago – since then many of us have had a taste of this – so this information may make more sense now. 722 more words


There's just all sorts of stuff going on luring all of us to step out of the observer and come play the game...

I have been following a slightly different time line on the SpaceX situation and it starts back on July 31st of this year.

This video was published on July 31, 2016. 1,048 more words


Some lessons about time: reply to Jumping Sideways by Maia Dalma

Perhaps we can explain this a little differently, Alison. And answer a question you posed by dispelling your fear of the answer you seek? Only you can recognize the things you fear. 1,863 more words


Jumping sideways in time

Last week the mothership crop circle had an internal line between the inside part and the outer ring of symbols. As of Monday when the pictures of the crop circle popped back up – that line is gone from the circle. 385 more words


space mirror

space find hoka then place “Hey” craziest the horse reservation mirror ?

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Humanity, Eternal Time, Artificial Time, Simulation

To add clarity to this rather strange post: We Are In The Simulation
I can say that it is not directly that Humanity is in a simulation “device” that was created, it is that this instance of time and continuity is layered over events that require quantum-time loops to exist. 1,130 more words

Reality And Consciousness

Torn in 360 directions and spinning like a carousel.

I am not happy. After¬†publishing my previous post, I’ve realized a few things.

I am in an odd and difficult place. I don’t know which way is up, nor which way is down. 554 more words