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Yesterday and Tomorrow

I can see what’s coming.
I know what is ahead,
more of this.

For days do miss that circumstances still persist
no matter how days pass. 14 more words


We live in a 3D reality? Not so fast!

My son and my youngest daughter were playing Pokémon game last night. Many times I heard them saying, in this or that dimension. I asked my daughter to explain what a dimension is according to that game, and she explained to me lots of weird stories about the game, but nothing about what her understanding of a dimension is. 1,951 more words


Wisdom needs weight: the need to remain conscious of timelines and their history.

Wisdom needs weight

If it is possible, that we are timeline creating and jumping, let us not forget that the wisdom we need to create an optimal timeline, one where we are the compassionate beings we are meant to be, requires memory of where we have been because it is the sum of our learning that is the wisdom that is the key linchpin of who we choose to become in every moment. 433 more words


Time/Space, Inter-dimensional travel. ~ Abhishek Rathore

There are many movies that are about time/space travel, and many people are wondering whether this can happen in real life to any person. Here I am going to talk about this topic. 1,217 more words

The Journey

IF: go around again

I published this almost a year ago – since then many of us have had a taste of this – so this information may make more sense now. 722 more words


There's just all sorts of stuff going on luring all of us to step out of the observer and come play the game...

I have been following a slightly different time line on the SpaceX situation and it starts back on July 31st of this year.

This video was published on July 31, 2016. 1,048 more words


Some lessons about time: reply to Jumping Sideways by Maia Dalma

Perhaps we can explain this a little differently, Alison. And answer a question you posed by dispelling your fear of the answer you seek? Only you can recognize the things you fear. 1,863 more words