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1. Just a thought - #Futurology

Wondering what happens after the universe in done expanding?

I’m putting my bets on – ‘Impanding’ … Like an exhaled breath i think there will be a big inhale where the universe is sucked back into the black hole. 17 more words

Rhythms of gentrification

Does gentrification have a rhythm? Is there a temporal landscape of gentrification? What happens to those who are not in synch with a newly “happening” neighbourhood? 227 more words



I dreamed a dream the other night,

of days past, bleak and bright.

A while ago, I found myself caught in my own thoughts, reminiscing on a series of dreams from a few years ago. 833 more words

Feelings & Thoughts

Charlie Lim x Spotify

Charlie Lim is no stranger to the Singapore music scene (at least that’s what I’d like to think of) as he represents the next generation of musicians who has been making waves in all arenas. 287 more words


Time and Space to Listen

I seem to be listening a lot more lately than speaking. Not a bad thing in itself. In fact, it is only through listening that we have something worth saying. 383 more words


Febraury, March, BiLocating and Changing the Fabric of Time/Space!!

Well, knock my socks off universe!!  Just about all of January, thru so many readings, thru the visual, spirit kept saying “as we enter February, everything goes live.   2,254 more words

The Shift