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Forgotten Art: Gee-Jay - Tad 2

A reply to: A letter from Tad

Greetings and Salutations, Thanatos Dustpine!

We (that would be the both of us, Gee-Jay, in other words, Giuliana and Jasper) like your name! 1,150 more words

Forgotten Art

Forgotten Art: Giuliana - Ayden

A reply to: A letter from Ayden

Dear Ayden.

I’ve been thinking about your letter. I learned a new word: conundrum. Do you know that word? 673 more words

Forgotten Art

Forgotten Art: Gee-Jay - Tad 1

Dear Tad,

We want to be your pen pal. We are me–you can call me Gee–and him. You can call him Jay. Together we’re Gee-Jay. 974 more words

Forgotten Art


As I was writing the preceding post in which I introduced chronotopes and the notion of timespace, as a former physics teacher, I couldn’t help but reflect on Bakhtin’s inspiration, Einstein’s spacetime. 1,119 more words


Chronotope ... sadly, not a Dr Who villain

Every tweet has a timestamp embedded within it. Posts on blogs are (usually) arranged chronologically. One quick click on any Wikipedia page provides access to the history of edits leading to the current version. 2,602 more words


Cross the Threshold to Your Greatest Adventure

The greatest adventure is living life fully in the NOW (see “Alternate Futurescapes” recent post). Now then, the NOW is not necessarily but does include the Present of time-space. 422 more words

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Old Flame

An old flame,
and what a flame we were together.
We burned bright and tall.

White hot center,
cloaked in blue.

The birthing of a universe between us, as we tried to merge. 88 more words