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// ARC Review // Timestamp: Musings of an Introverted Black Boy by: Marcus Granderson

Timestamp: Musings of An Introverted Black Boy by: Marcus Granderson
Published September 17, 2019 by Post Hills Press

I’m a twenty-two-year-old Black introvert who overthinks everything, can’t get a date, yet somehow managed to graduate from Harvard. 1,006 more words


【iOS/iPhone】Record time easy – TimeStamp, 打卡式記錄活動當刻, 寵物活動記錄

環顧整個 Google Play 和 App Store 市場,管理寵物 apps 並非沒有,不過,若然單純地記錄寵物的活動時間,如大小二便、玩樂、吃飯、吃藥、洗澡、睡覺時間,那似乎沒有特別合適的 apps 做到。退而求其次,小編找了這款 “TimeStamp” app,利用像打卡式的時間記錄方法,去記錄當下發生的活動

App 名稱:Record time easy – TimeStamp… 40 more words


Rounding Timestamp Values with Fractional Seconds

Lately, I had to deal with a timestamp value with an overly long sequence of decimal digits, coming as a string in ISO 8601 format : … 416 more words


Block ICMP timestamp & timestamp reply

firewalld ships with a default set of predefined ICMP types you can use out of the box:

# firewall-cmd --get-icmptypes
destination-unreachable echo-reply echo-request parameter-problem redirect router-advertisement router-solicitation source-quench time-exceeded timestamp-reply timestamp-request
… 619 more words

Squid | print log file with human readable timestamps

perl -pe 's/\d+/localtime($&)/e' /var/log/squid/access.log

Custom Fields in D4H

D4H supports a large collection of custom fields. We’ve only needed to create a few, but they have proven quite useful.

D4H custom fields

Here are the main ones we use: 157 more words

Emergency Response

Clock Synchronization: Estimation of Non-deterministic Delays in Wireless Message Delivery

Shiu Kumar1 and Seong Ro Lee2

1Fiji national University, Fiji and 2Mokpo National University, South Korea… 107 more words

Network Protocols