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The Mystic Mountain

The mountains burned to ashes
And it didn’t hurt at all
from where I sat watching
night turn into day,
The amber light caressed
the sky so generously… 45 more words


Dinner With Grandma

After almost 4 years, I met my grandma again! She flew from Iloilo to visit us and she’ll be staying with us for the next 3 days. 51 more words




We started the day with a swim. Nothing excessive, just a gentle splash to halfway between the jettys. The swim started with a crab and was quickly followed by a skate. 171 more words

Random Thoughts

Your Race, Your Timezone

Since I started med school a few weeks ago, I have struggled with a lot of emotions and fears. One thing I have come to realize about med school is that the best from everywhere are brought together and out in a class. 347 more words


travel thoughts day 8

i hate starting the day with negative thoughts but sometimes shit really does happen. at 8 in the morning. while boarding a bus.
i admire the passion of some people over a cause they’ve dedicated probably half their life to. 86 more words



Silence. The switch of the thermostat ticks and the flowing air heats my room as I ponder through another night of restless sleeping. It’s tough to be in a different time zone than you. 172 more words

Time zones in Java 8 Date and Time API


I know for a fact that all programmers love working with time zones. Chances are high that you, as a reader of this blog, are also a programmer so I bet you also just love time zones. 526 more words