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Her Story - The Beginning


I like to take risks. I jump not with a parachute but with the hope that I land on a soft ground next to someone.

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Slow Motion Love

The lights are dimmed.

Each touch sends electrifying sparks that crave to connect more.

The wind whispers the music that only you can hear.

The 3-second window of catching each other’s eyes, felt like a painting that spoke to the deeper corner of souls. 57 more words



In between time zones
In perpetual transition
Caught in between what’s then and now
Suspended in an endless confliction

Stuck in a constant limbo
Always finding myself in in-betweens… 48 more words


{My Time Zone and Yours}

After Billy Collins’ “Eastern Standard Time”

I am a woman of many time zones.
I’ve lived in 4 and loved people in
more than double that. 191 more words


Timezone: A Zone of Relief

It is a truth universally acknowledge that students nowadays tends to experience significant amount of stress. Lots of homework s, loaded exams, and too many presentations you need to show plus the fact that there are a lot of household chores waiting for you in your home. 250 more words

Change timezone on Linux using /etc/localtime file

Assume we have timezone UTC:

# date
Mon Sep 11 09:29:27 UTC 2017

On many distributions , like OEL, CentOS.. . the timezone is conntrolled by localtime file located in /etc directory.

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Generating UTC Time-Stamps & Incremental Times.

The following article covers the generation of time-stamps in a specific UTC format and have dedicated methods for getting current date-time value as well as incremental date/time-stamps. 361 more words