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Do You Have The Time

There are two kinds of time in my way of thinking. It is the time that was given to each of us—our own time—and universal time/space, which is the greatest of all; it was created. 351 more words

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Fix : Time difference of audit log Event_time with local server - SQL Server 2012

SQL server Audit  uses UTC (universal timezone) for Date and Event_time columns, to read audit logs in your timezone use the below query.

select dateadd(hour,-datediff(hour,getdate(),getutcdate()),event_time) as localtime ,* from fn_get_audit_file( ‘g:\BACKUP\*.sqlaudit’ , DEFAULT , DEFAULT)

Format UTC time into a local time in swift

var datetime = “2015-06-15T03:00:00.000Z”

var dateFormatter = NSDateFormatter()
dateFormatter.timeZone = NSTimeZone(name: “UTC”)
dateFormatter.dateFormat = “yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSS’Z'”

var date = dateFormatter.dateFromString(datetime)
dateFormatter.timeStyle = NSDateFormatterStyle.ShortStyle //Set time style…

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Gold Coast Pinball Club Meet June the 3rd

Here we have the Gold Coast Pinball Club monthly meeting will be on Wednesday the 3rd of June.

This event is held at timezone at Surfers Paradise,their is parking very close to the venue at a good cheap price. 381 more words


How to change time zone on ubuntu - linux ?

It is very easy to change the timezone on your Ubuntu desktop or server system when using the command line. Debian-based versions of Linux, like Ubuntu, make this task as easy as reconfiguring a package via the package management system. 82 more words

SSH And Linux Terminal Commands

Quirks with sysdate and timezones from remote databases

We can select various pseudocolumns that deal with time.

  • sysdate is the local time (date() in unix)
  • systimestamp returns the time including timezone offset compared to the coordinated universal time (
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Top Timezone Games

A trip to Manila isn’t complete if we don’t play in Timezone. It’s the place where friends and families to enjoy spending time with each other. 13 more words