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Happy 3rd Birthday Jerrick

Happy Birthday Son!

I still can’t believe that he is already 3 years old. I can still recall the moments when he is still crying while lying down in his crib, the moments that he begins to talk and learn to walk. 682 more words


Loving you from distance.

I hope I won’t see that night

When I wake up at 12am

From ur message beep

And u text me a good morning

Because u just woke up… 141 more words

Prevent standard users from changing timezone in Windows

  • Download ntrights
  • Open command prompt as administrator
  • To grants the privilege to change the time zone : ntrights -u “Users” +r SeTimeZonePrivilege
  • To revokes it : ntrights -u “Users” -r SeTimeZonePrivilege
  • Restart your computer
Computer Related

How to know current date time of Sitecore Content Management Server

What if you are accessing a Sitecore Content Management (CM) server which is located in a different timezone than your local machine.

Sometimes (Especially working with log files) it will be very difficult to get the actual time  of the Sitecore CMS server and map it  to your local machine (By adding timezone difference). 116 more words


Changing timezone on CentOS7

CentOS7 gets shipped with the timedatectl tool which can be used to display/modify timezone settings on the server. There are several options available with this command and you can explore its man page to find out more information. 405 more words


Green hour

I can’t explain why. But I’ve something with the color: Green. It’s a color that looks good on everyone and it’s easy to match. The mirror sunglasses is still a must’ve during the summer. 20 more words


Django Timezone Gotcha

Dealing with timezones is always a pain. I thought I solved that problem by using:

from django.utils import timezone

now = timezone.now()

This code gets the time in the timezone specified in your Django settings… or so I thought. 139 more words