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Set Timezone in Linux terminal

Quick tip to change the timezone of any Linux machine using the terminal. The timezone can be useful for some application that require time-specific actions. 230 more words

Linux / Raspberry Pi

Set timezone windows command line

To set windows timezone via command prompt.

Run the below.

tzutil /s UTC

For a list of available Timezone options run the list below.

tzutil /l 


It’s funny to see the stats on my page and how they form patterns. The surges when Europeans are waking up with a coffee and when Americans are finishing work. 35 more words


Changing timezone in ubuntu command line

Use the following menu based command line to change the timezone in Ubuntu

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Screenshots are given below for reference.

History of the PHP date timezone settings warning

Now with the newborn elefant PHP 7 in the herd, there is a lift on the date timezone settings warning: it has just been removed. That means, it’s now that you need to take care in the server’s configuration that the proper default timezone value is set, otherwise it will fall-back to UTC with no more reminder spamming the log-files or screen. 685 more words


TimeZones by ThaBullĀ®

TimeZones G by ThaBullĀ® is an android creation for Go Launcher, featuring a HD wally and my awesome UND icons matching the theme’s colors.

widgets may appear in screenshots are not included in the theme.



My Gold Watch

began to slow. For days, I forgot
and put it on each morning;
a thing of delicate links,

an heirloom unfettered, a confused beauty.

In tableaux of wild, improvised face, 99 more words