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Изменяем часовой пояс Centos 7

Чтобы посмотреть, какой часовой пояс установлен в данный момент:
ls -l /etc/localtime
Чтобы получить список всех доступных часовых поясов:
timedatectl list-timezones
Выбираем часовые пояса, относящиеся к Европе: 9 more words


Change timezone on centos

# date
Thu Dec 7 01:34:57 EST 2017
# date -u
Thu Dec 7 06:35:13 UTC 2017
# ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/
Africa Brazil Egypt GB-Eire HST Japan MST7MDT posix Singapore WET… 103 more words


இந்திய கடிகாரத்தை மாற்றி வைத்தால் எவ்வளவு மின்சாரம் சேமிக்கலாம் தெரியுமா? #TimeZone

உலகின் ஏழாவது மிகப்பெரிய நாடு இந்தியா. ஆனால், இந்த நாடு முழுவதும் ஒரே டைம்ஸோன் தான். அதாவது, குஜராத்தில் மணி காலை 10 என்றால், மேகாலயாவிலும் காலை 10 மணிதான். இது சாத்தியமா? சரியா?

Science And Technology

When Were Timezones Created?

It was brought about by the railroad companies in 1883 in the US. It looks like it officially reached overseas in 1884 when Greenwich (England) was officially made the standard time (called GMT) that the rest of the world’s timezones were based on (at least until the 1970s when UTC, “Universal Time Code”, supplanted it). 160 more words



Everyday is a reminder that I am waking up on the other side of this giant space rock of incredible velocity and mind boggling consistency. My alarm was set for 7am this morning, not for work but for the England vs Brazil game. 376 more words


Time Zones & Currencies

Happy Monday!  This week, I wanted the blog to focus on helpful websites which I use on a daily basis.  These websites are tools which will help admins with their overall efficiency and effectiveness. 199 more words


Automating Typing Multi-Timezone Meetings Using TextExpander

Doing timezone translations for me (with dyslexic tendencies) is torture.  Screwing up meeting times isn’t fun either.  And typing it all out is drudgery and error-prone: 201 more words