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The new Tim J. Gallery

I added a gallery of photos from past productions. I’ll continue to add to it, so check back again. But for now you can see pics from… 15 more words


New Play Exchange

The National New Play Network has started up an exciting new way to get hooked up with new plays and playwrights. It’s called the New Play Exchange… 25 more words


"Who are you?!"

Adam Szymkowicz is a mad man — a mad man playwright with a dream to interview every playwright he can get his hands on. So he’s not a mad man you have to be scared of. 59 more words


"The hammer clicks in place...." but only 3 more times

Hi all,

The production in LA is going very well, and everyone except for this guy┬áis very excited about it. Yes, that’s what is known in the review world as a “pan;” but I can’t help it if I’ve sullied the Greeks with things like sex and swearing. 150 more words

"....haunted by American dreams, hunted by American dreams."

Down in the face of God is a real boy at last.

The play opened Friday night to a sold out house, rave reviews, and (apparently) a party that Dionysus himself would have approved of. 137 more words


"....were they telling me to run...."

The trailer has arrived.

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Then get yourself to Los Angeles for the limited run.

The World Premiere of Down in the face of God… 45 more words


Meanwhile, at the Department of the Interior....

In addition to all the excitement in Los Angeles, I also have 10-minute play happening here in New York City. It’s being produced as part of… 456 more words