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There is so much awesome in this tattoo.

Timmy B works out of Black 13 Tattoo in Nashville Tennessee in the USA. His unique blend of traditional and new school (I refuse to misspell school) tattooing really is something to behold. 10 more words


Barons Car Club and Bank of the Cascades Employees Car Show Hot Rod Quilt raffle prize

April 18th  2010, This fantastic Hot Rod quilt will be one of raffle prizes.The event  is free, bring your car, bring your friends and family. Hand made quilt  by Baron Teresa Hyde. 55 more words

Hot Rod

Timmy B calling Deer and no Moondoggie that is not your car

We were at the bench racing session when we heard a rumble out side. The Chevelle could be heard blocks before it came in the parking lot , and no it is not Moondoggies. 48 more words

Burger Time Drive In

Barons at Timmy B's son's going away party

Barons Rosie , Teresa and Jimmy the T at the party.Yes all 3 will hate this photo. Check with Timmy if you want to see the other photos. 28 more words

1/2/2010 Photos from Patty's Burger Time 1273 s Orchard in Boise Idaho

For a few hours on saturday the 2nd day of January 2010, the sun was out and it was such a nice day Rosie drove her GTO top down to Patty’s. 88 more words

Hot Rod

Preview photos from the TV Mustang photos

Just a couple of quick snaps over Rennies shoulder, not all the cars. You will have to wait for Rennies pics to see the rest

Hot Rod

Tim Brando, an uneducated dullard [Classism]

Tim Brando understands that not everyone likes him, that some people are really, really going to dislike him. He knows that. He said so on the… 969 more words

Paul Finebaum