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Timmy: Someone was like “omg, Irisa’s choker is so pretty.” I was like, that’s a shoelace LOL

Timmy: That looks cancerous.

Timmy: Also, very gay.

Timmy: What do you do on your days off other than snuggle with your cat?

Me: My Uber just told me I smell good.

Timmy: Awks. 1 star him. Or 5 star if you’re into that kinda thing.

Timmy: Don’t let that IG girl tell you what to wear.

Me: Timothy, Calvin’s defending his thesis tomorrow.

Timmy: Who’s attacking it?

Me: Omg, did you find a surrogate mother?

Timmy: Why?

Me: Because as far as I know, you are not allowed to make dad jokes yet.