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What a series

2015-05-02 Sat.

It was a long series match-up for the Spurs and Clippers. My favorite team  Spurs came up short for the game 7 win. But they left everything on the line tonight. 449 more words


The Worst Conversation Ever!

An awesome art piece by “thehorribleman” over on DeviantArt, which shows what could be the absolute worst conversation that would ever occur. Forget shyness, looking down, speaking too fast, or rambling on for too long…this conversation I believe would take the cake in how awesomely horrible the conversation would be. 61 more words


Waverly sanatorium

Ahhh, Waverly hills. Possibly the most haunted place in America. What we see today was originally built in 1910 to treat and care for people with tuberculosis. 1,183 more words


Shaun the sheep!

A little bit random I know, but I thought I’d share one of my interests with you, I absolutely adore anything with sheep on. I don’t know where this craze started but I seem to have a bit of a collection going, it’s also the same with stars, if an item of clothing has a stars on it and I think I would wear it…it’s mine! 361 more words

How I Raise My Children

Many people won’t agree with the way I raise my children. That’s fine. You’re welcome to your own opinion and parenting styles.

I have seen so many parents who are not involved in their children’s lives at all. 1,399 more words