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Your Brain is God

Berkeley, CA: Ronin Publishing, 2001, Author Copyright, 1968.

Your Brain is God by Timothy Leary is an unusual book. When pondering how to characterize it, it came spontaneously to mind to call it a… 1,961 more words

The New Paradigm

Psychedelic Art #2: Classroom Doodle

The second, entitled “Classroom Doodle,” was produced during a classroom discussion on dimensional experiences, August 17, 1963:

Open Your Eye and you will See
The Dream of Dreams… 371 more words

Easter Idolatry (and Something About a Resurrection)

         Notwithstanding the fact that the majority of “Christians” would rather dispense with any and all work regarding study toward truth, it still boggles the mind at least somewhat that so many can be so fooled so willingly, and be so stubborn in insisting upon the embrace of what should be clear idolatry. 1,850 more words
Lord Jesus

Set and Setting in Meditation. 

I keep coming back to the question: does it matter how you meditate? How important is the manner of sitting in meditation?

When it comes to hallucinogenic experiences, it is often stressed that “set” and “setting” have a large influence over the experience. 732 more words

Treating offenders with hallucinogenic drugs.

This article, about the use of the psychedelic drug ayahuasca on Brazilian prisoners, appeared in yesterday’s New York Times.

In the early 1960s Timothy Leary conducted research on the effects of psilocybin on inmates at the Concord Prison in Massachusetts. 403 more words

Remembering Jack Kerouac - Naropa Conference (July 23 - August 1, 1982)

Thanks to Peter Hale of the Allen Ginsberg Organization for hipping me to this:

A complete recording can be heard of the conference here.

Three Takes on Time

(1) A linear flow from past through present and into the future. This sense of time allows us to plot things from start to finish, birth to death. 683 more words

Cultural History