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Are Drugs a Path to the Divine?

Can we find God in a pill? Back when he did his interviews with Bill Moyers, Joseph Campbell lamented that religion wasn’t doing it for young people anymore so they were turning to drugs as a way to experience transcendence. 432 more words

Universal Sacraments

The Harvard Psilocybin, Marsh Chapel and Concord Prison Experiments - Tuning In, Turning On, Dropping Out Both Metaphorically And Scientifically

A few weeks ago I attended and spoke at a great Neuroscience Conference at the University of Pretoria, and one of the talks that was excellent and held everyone’s attention was by Dr Michael Knott from the University of Namibia, who gave a tour-de-force synopsis on mind-altering compounds and their capacity for social engineering. 1,875 more words


The Benedict Option: Turn on, tune in, drop out (now with more Jesus and hierarchy)

Almost fifty years ago, counterculture guru Timothy Leary proclaimed the need for America’s hippie youth to “turn on, tune in, drop out” of square mainstream society by using psychedelic drugs and creating their own spiritually aware communities. 823 more words

Jonathan Goldstein: But how to avoid the void?

Howard is the last of my friends that I still speak with on the telephone. He’s usually the one to call, but I haven’t heard from him in days. 516 more words


The Way We Were

I am writing another blog about nostalgia, which according to my Google sources is defined as: “A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.” I chose in my last blog to delve deeply into the music scene in San Francisco during the famous, or notorious, depending on your viewpoint, “Summer of Love” in 1967….But there was a lot more going on in the summer of 1967 than just the musical explosion…. 927 more words

Memory-lane trips may offer legal profession lessons

If all goes according to plan, as you read this I will be standing in a spot where LSD made history.

No, I am not in… 751 more words

Legal Events