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Book Review: Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968

13 April 2018 |RON JACOBS | CounterPunch

When those interested in the history of the Sixties are considering cities that were centers of countercultural art, music and communities, Boston is not near the top of their lists. 853 more words


Easter Idolatry (and Something About a Resurrection) 2018

          Notwithstanding the fact that the majority of “Christians” would rather dispense with any and all work regarding study toward truth, it still boggles the mind at least somewhat that so many can be so fooled so willingly, and be so stubborn in insisting upon the embrace of what should be clear idolatry. 1,839 more words
Lord Jesus

Monday March 19, 2018

I think my talents are being wasted on tasks to which I’m ill-suited. Trigger mechanisms release pent-up energy. I stress constantly about work and finances. “One misstep and game over,” I tell myself. 111 more words

Turn up, Tune in and don’t Drop out!

The 1960s Harvard academic, social commentator and Guru for the LSD generation Dr Timothy Leary encouraged students to “Turn on, Tune in and Drop out”, discrediting formal tertiary education in favour of a different way of life.  1,155 more words


Tomorrow Tuesday: Tim Leary's 'Starseed'

Today marks the debut of a new feature around these parts, Tomorrow Tuesday, which will explore things cosmic, comic and just plain nerdy. This is both to balance out the sociopolitical coverage and to better reflect my own personal interests. 508 more words


Find Them

A friend texted me this:

Cool, right?

I read it and lit up inside. Recognition.

Guilt, too.

I’m a lot like you. I’m afraid of rejection, the pain of ridicule, bullying. 1,341 more words

Travel Technology: “Turn on, tune in .....”

I have never subscribed to the concept “it is better to travel than to arrive”, unless it was a long trek to walk to my mountain several days away in the Himalaya. 347 more words