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Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. ~ Timothy Leary

The Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the First Human Be-In

The First Human Be-In held in San Francisco on January 14, 1967, ushered in the Summer of Love. It was a pivotal conclave with an estimated 20,000+ people in attendance. 97 more words

San Francisco

What are you doing?

Another day of existence, gifted from somewhere, between two infinite spans of nothingness.

Do me a favor, yourself a favor, everyone a favor….

Don’t wait until the nothing reclaims you.

From Fox News to Fake News: Propaganda vs.Truth and The Struggle to Save Our Cultural Soul

People need good lies. There are too many bad ones. -Kurt Vonnegut /

Politics, Money and Culture
Politics, money and culture have become bound together in an immense Gordian knot.

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The Life-Changing Magic of Mushrooms

This is from the latest Atlantic magazine. It happens to tally with a two parter I wrote today on Altered States of Consciousness and what I learned about them back in the 1960’s. 64 more words


Timothy Leary - You Can Be Anyone This Time Around

Part of the liner notes to this album claim that it is ’The Musical equivalent of a full-blown LSD trip.” Whether that is actually true or not, I can imagine a lot of people back in the day dropping a couple of tabs, before putting it on the turntable. 408 more words

Jimi Hendrix