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Harvest Sweater

I finished knitting my first sweater of the year the other day. This one is a gift for my Mom. This is the first time that I have knit a sweater for her. 317 more words


Epic Fly Away Blanket

Epic knits. It’s always best to actually plan them but sometimes, they just happen. This was meant to be a beautiful knit, a fun knit, a useful knit, a learning-to-seam knit. 893 more words


Gradient Green

It can be very hard moving from years of knitting with animal fibres, and knowing their feel, behaviour, and texture, to knitting with plant fibres only. 274 more words


And so let's jump(er)

I have decided to knit something with slightly more instant gratification than a scarf right now. That is the free pattern Flax Jumper by Tin Can Knits… 239 more words

Highlights: January 2018

Oh my gosh, how is it February first?

January is always a difficult  month for me because 1.) I’m burnt out after the holiday season and 2.) business is SLOW. 495 more words

Off Gauge Guidance : How to knit a Strange Brew sweater at a different gauge

So you’ve chosen a pattern (it’s our Strange Brew colourwork yoke recipe, right?), and you’ve got a lovely bag of perfect yarn…

You made a swatch hat and discovered that you love the yarn, the colourwork patterns you chose are exquisite, and the fabric is LOVELY… but your gauge doesn’t match the pattern gauge (22 sts / 4″ or 5.5 sts / inch). 609 more words


January Finished Craft Projects


  1. make 5 birthday cards (for February Birthdays)
  2. knit the union square socks for my boxosox18
  3. knit 5 donation hats
  4. start the…
  5. 352 more words