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Something different

I’ve joined a knitting club. Well, not really…. it’s just a very thinly disguised reason for putting a picture of Brad Pitt on a knitting blog. 346 more words


Hunter Hat

Here is the newest project off the needles. It is the Hunter Hat from Tin Can Knits. I rediscovered my copy of 9 Months of Knitting  while cleaning up the house and decided to give the pattern a try. 183 more words

Getting Crafty

Sewing for the (big) boy

I went to look for my post about this outfit I made for J late last fall, but I realized that while I blogged about it for the (now inoperable) Sew the Show blog, I never wrote about it here! 355 more words

Kid Sewing

What the best dressed baby is wearing: the urbane hipster edition

Those who know me will tell you that I rarely knit for babies.  Even when my own girls were little, they rarely benefited from the fruits of my knitting needles.   496 more words


A finished sweater 

A little late but I finished my son’s birthday request.

Now I have to work on a sweater for my daughter. In the mean time, enjoy our many Pokémon Go breaks. 33 more words

Caribou Gauge!

So…actually, let me digress for just a minute…having a 2 year old who parrots everything back to me has made me realize that I start almost everything I say with ‘so’…so, (haha) I’m trying not to say it anymore. 180 more words


Kool aid socks

Last summer I took a maker spaces class where I dyed yarn with kool aid, and I bought so much powder kool aid I felt like I was single handedly keeping them in business.  169 more words