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Dorothy Allison at Tin House

Dorothy Allison is one of my critical writers … a writer I need in the world.

Dorothy Allison at Tin House

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Tin House is Accepting Unsolicited Submissions for 2017

25 August 2016

“Tin House is an invaluable repository of fine American writing and American fiction, presented in a crisp and entertaining visual format.”
– Stephen King…
179 more words


Review: Ninety-nine Stories of God by Joy Williams

First published 30 August 2016 in Change Seven Magazine.  To jump to the review, click here.
I’ve only lately become acquainted with Joy Williams’s writing.   71 more words


The Other Side by Lacy M. Johnson (reviewed by Amanda Kelley)

The Other Side

by Lacy M. Johnson

232 Pages

Tin House Books, 2014

ISBN: 978-1935639831

The Other Side has a lot to offer readers because it is so many things at once: true crime, lyric nonfiction, mystery, investigative piece, and personal narrative. 604 more words


99 Puzzles to Solve

 Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award finalist Joy Williams returns with a lightning bolt collection of flash fiction. Each piece is numbered and named and explores the human connection and disconnection with God and the mysterious. 262 more words


Weird Rec: "Ancient Ham" by Meredith Alling

I may not want Meredith Alling to cook dinner for me anytime soon, but she can write me a story any day.

In “Ancient Ham,” a delectable morsel of flash fiction, Alling tells the story of a magic ham with predictive powers.   151 more words


How to Make the Familiar Seem Strange

Any discussion of writing horror, sci-fi, or fantasy fiction will inevitably arrive at the phrase “defamiliarize the familiar.” What this means, in short, is that those stories aim to make readers pay attention to something they’d normally not give a second glance. 994 more words

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