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Summer Is a Great Time For Reading

It’s here! Tin House #76: Summer Reading (Vol. 19, No. 4). Now that I’m getting back to normal (sorta), it’s comforting to have easy access to some great reading in one of my favorite literary journals. 385 more words


On Pointe: Reading on Ballet

It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that my parents admitted I was a decidedly terrible five-year-old ballerina. It was no great blow to learn I sucked at something I hadn’t attempted in two decades; as I grew older, I was burned by athletic endeavors generally and found my confidence in books and academic success instead. 660 more words


Protecting Your Writing Time In This Weird Time of Ours

Things are nuts. How do writers concentrate now? How do we not let the toxicity of the news feed steal our minds completely away from the page? 295 more words


In Praise of Joy Williams's Tarnished Novel, 'The Changeling'

The plot of Joy Williams’s novel The Changeling, republished today in a 40th anniversary edition, goes something like this: a young woman marries the scion of a wealthy family, attempts to escape, and, after a tragic event, loses her sense of self under the controlling sway of the aforementioned family — as well as copious amounts of alcohol. 1,314 more words


The Wolves

Kseniya Melnik | Tin House | Winter 2017 | 26 minutes (7,122 words)

It was nine o’clock on a balmy summer evening when Masha stepped off the last bus to Shelkovskaya, a village in Chechnya. 7,464 more words


'Child Psychology' by Gina Zucker

My life is all over the place right now so my commentary ay not be stellar, but I’m still trying and that’s what matters. :) 73 more words

Kameron Ray Morton

Cover Reveal for Bitter Orange (US)

I’m absolutely delighted to reveal the cover for the US version of my third novel, Bitter Orange, which will be published on October 9th by… 217 more words