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Swimming Lessons Paperback Published in US

The paperback of Swimming Lessons is published in the US today. My publisher, Tin House, has created a beautiful version of the hardback jacket using darker tones. 117 more words

Swimming Lessons

Flash fiction story: "Coda"

“Coda,” by Emily Everett

Appeared in Tin House‘s Flash Friday feature, December 8th, 2017

828 words

In another story, the last paragraph would be a happy ending, but here it means the loss of the main character’s chance at agency, free choice, a life of her own. Elegantly done.

Twenty-first Century

Short story: "My Dear You"

“My Dear You,” by Rachel Khong

Appeared in Tin House, May 31st, 2017, online here

3,776 words

A lovely, slightly loopy story. (Spoilers follow.) I like the depiction of memory as fluid, the way the main character re-finds her lost love and re-loses him, the way their temporary relationship remains important (“irreplaceable”).

Twenty-first Century

The Bodies A Place Can Fit

Editor’s note: Originally published August 2, 2017.

When I booked my flight for NYC, I imagined I would write a little, but mostly take a break from working on my dissertation, an academic dissertation on how straight White men have been imaged as bad/buffoonish dancers in all walks of popular culture since the late 80s. 691 more words


Quite a Quote

It wasn’t only my hair and my clothes. I knew I also had to censor the things I said. I’d worn the same outfit throughout junior high, but I’d also carried around… 166 more words


Flash fiction story: "Regarding Lichen"

“Regarding Lichen,” by Isaac Yuen

Appeared in Tin House‘s Flash Fridays feature, October 13th, 2017

678 words

The form (and title) make me think of… 42 more words

Twenty-first Century