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Tin Machine II

You know, I did not expect to like Tin Machine as much as I ended up liking them. I expected a so-so classic rock group that I would immediately forget, but on both of these two albums there were a whole lot of jams. 939 more words


Tin Machine

I love what Bowie did following the disappointment of Never Let Me Down. He abandoned it all to form a band and figure things out. It was obvious that he had fallen in a rut. 1,067 more words


Bowibury Week 3

The commentariat of Pushing Ahead of the Dame are dedicating February to listening to Bowie. Here are my thoughts on his dreaded Eighties and the promise of the early Nineties… 3,308 more words


Review: Hallo Spaceboy: The Rebirth of David Bowie

ECW Press recently put this book on sale, so I picked it up because it looks at a relatively underchronicled era of David Bowie’s career, after 1980. 482 more words


Memories of a Bowie Conference: 8. Turn Myself to Face Me

Stephanie Piotrowski & Bethany Usher. Turn myself to face me: Bowie and the discovery of authentic self

SPEAKER Piotrowski lectures in Media Studies at Teesside University. 267 more words

How Bowie Bookended my Final Days of Youth

Last weekend, I celebrated my thirtieth birthday. It had been a Bowie-fuelled couple of days. On Friday, while writing my piece about Bowie’s new band… 534 more words

David Bowie

David Bowie: A Celebration Part III

If you listened to the critics, David Bowie’s 80s period was a creative drought. And it’s hard to defend some of his less than convincing reinventions during that decade. 3,142 more words

David Bowie