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Refugees need a superhero! Pre-production begins on Joseph Russell's Silent Man

Pre-production has began on Silent Man.

The neo-noir science fiction thriller follows the journey of an escaped asylum seeker turned vigilante on a mission to find his daughter after she disappears from an immigration detention centre. 253 more words


The scarecrow sits on the yellow brick road, consoling the tin man,
wiping away tears from his rusted eyes. The scarecrow says,
“When will you ever learn, 27 more words

…and THEN (directly after the oh-so-grand discovery that he was indeed in possession of a heart all along) a deafening shot rang out, reverberating through the Crazy-Monkey-Infested-Trees and all round the perimeter of the (GUFFAW!) Yellow Brick Road, in Technicolor slo-mo the Tin Man was felled. 30 more words

A fork in the road on the YBR. Whether you follow your head or your heart, you need the courage of your convictions.

I’m in the state of confusion, the 51st state of the Union where I seem to have taken up permanent residence.  Lately I’m very confused about the definition of words we toss around with reckless abandon.   669 more words

The Tin Man

The Tin Man, by Dale Brown

McLanahan, #7

Published: 1998

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Tin Man

I loved watching the Wizard of Oz when i was younger. When i was in university, i took a introduction to filming course. There was an assignment where we had to watch the Wizard of Oz. 32 more words

The 100 Day Project