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At Cherry-Tree Lane

“You’ll forget because you can’t help it. There never was a human being that remembered after the age of one – at the very latest – except of course, Her.” And he jerked his head over his shoulder at Mary Poppins. 286 more words


Day 42: "Remember the Tin Man" - Tracy Chapman (1995)

“And remember the Tin Man
found that he had
what he thought he lacked.
Remember the Tin Man.
Go find your heart
and take it back.”


Southern Oklahoma Living Magazine

I saw a news story about the cover of Southern Oklahoma Living on Facebook this morning that was absolutely ridiculous. People are in an absolute uproar of the front cover. 267 more words


The Tropic of Oz

“Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have.” -Dewey Bunnell

And it came to pass on this faithful day, that the wild man who created such havoc casting out demon shadows he saw in others are in reality his demons to do away with and the inquisitive boy yearning for knowledge at every waking moment, never getting enough, are one and the same for they are you and they are me, forced into enchantment and awareness, abiding in a lonely house off to the left-hand way of ‘being’ by the river of contemplation. 51 more words

Wizard of Oz redesigns

Finished my Wizard of Oz redesigns. #wizardofoz 

A Brain, A Heart, A Home, The Nerve...

Good morning. That’s a lion way over there! Am I in Africa?

Something weird about that lion. He’s standing on two legs. I swear it even looks like he’s talking with someone. 914 more words

Science Fiction

The Overflow

If you were being asked to take part in a word association test and you were given “The Overflow”

how would you respond?

Chances are, a Kiwi would respond like an Australian, for many of us share in that heritage of the Bush Ballad, particularly those of Banjo Paterson and our schooling would bring us straight to…”Clancy of The Overflow”. 1,414 more words