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Comedy and politics

Remember the line,”I can see Russia from my house”? Who said that? Chances are you said Sarah Palin; most people do. Yet, most people get it wrong. 280 more words


An interim government was set up in Afghanistan. It included two...

An interim government was set up in Afghanistan. It included two women, one of whom was Minister of Women’s Affairs. Man, who’d she have to show here ankles to to get that job? 7 more words

Tina Fey

My latest obsession: Just Between Us

When I find something I like I usually obsess over it until I don’t like it anymore. Some people do this with music or food or TV series. 264 more words

Here's the thing about Liz Lemon

One 30 Rock-inspired blog post is never enough. So here’s another about why Liz Lemon is the greatest. (Clicking on the links will lead you to awesome screen caps of our gal Lemon.) 703 more words


Report: CBS Developing Tiny Fey Comedy Pilot

LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) — CBS is reportedly developing a comedy pilot from Tina Fey.

Entertainment Weekly reports CBS gave Fey, Robert Carlock and writer Jack Burditt a pilot production commitment. 49 more words


Jenna Maroney From '30 Rock' Was One Of TV's Greatest Divas

On 30 Rock, Tina Fey’s put-upon Liz Lemon had a multitude of things to manage, with the diva antics of Jenna Maroney, played to perfection by Jane Krakowski, taking up a huge majority of her time. 956 more words


Tina Fey - Bossypants

Heyo! I finished my latest book a few days ago, but I’ve been busy with not too much time to post about it. I actually just got back from a Mets game, which was super fun! 316 more words