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Beauty Appreciation - Tina Fey

I’ve adored Tina Fey for so long. 30 Rock will be one of my favourite box sets of all time. She is so talented, funny, inspirational and a stone cold fox to boot. 61 more words

Beauty Appreciation

Meet the "Lacquers"

Me stepping into the nail world was like Kady to Regina George and the rest of the plastic’s on that fateful day in the school cafeteria. 376 more words

Nail Biting

#TheGoodWomen: Hollywood Heroes

Or Should We Say Sheroes?

Life may seem tough to navigate at times for women. We see reports of how women make less money, have to work harder, and struggle at times just to have their voices heard. 956 more words

The Good People

Mean Girls = Math Fun

I’ll admit it. I’m well over a decade late to this party.  Mean Girls (the movie) came out in April 2004.  At that time I was chasing around a toddler and never sat down for about five years.  620 more words

Date Night (2010)

Here is a classic example of two game comedians elevating substandard material. The contrived premise revolves around an ordinary if somewhat bored married couple (Steve Carell, Tina Fey) being chased all over New York City in an extreme case of mistaken identity. 197 more words


Welcome, Everyone.

Introductions are always very bland. Let’s get the basics out of the way. My name is Reilly, I’m twenty years old, and one of my passions is comedy, and that’s what this page is going to focus on.  294 more words

It's October 3rd Happy #MeanGirlsDay

It’s October 3rd. Otherwise known in social media circles as #MeanGirlsDay. The date a reference to a joke in the movie by Lindsay Lohan’s character Cadie Heron. 363 more words