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Why You So Hot and Extra!

Stevey Couldn’t make up his mind Between these 2 Hot Mamis!

These Two are definitely more than just Eye Candy, they are Fuego!!!!! I heard a rumor that Tinashe might be playing Beyonce in a Destiny’s Child Biopic produced by Matthew Knowles! 198 more words


Tweet or Delete: Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan ‘There For You’ vs. Tinashe ‘Flame’

Happy Humpday! Let’s keep battling!

Tonight’s edition of #987TweetorDelete is Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan ‘There For You’ vs. Tinashe ‘Flame’, and only YOU can decide who comes out on top! 42 more words


Tweet or Delete: Ayo & Teo ‘Rolex’ vs. Tinashe ‘Flame’

Last one of the week, let’s battle!

Tonight’s edition of #987TweetorDelete is Ayo & Teo ‘Rolex’ vs. Tinashe ‘Flame’. However, only ONE can play and only YOU can decide which that’ll be! 40 more words


Tinashe: there's colorism involved in the black community

I don’t know much about Tinashe. She’s a singer/actress and the only time I’ve really paid attention to her is when she was reportedly going on a few dates with Calvin Harris last year, in the wake of his split from Taylor Swift. 692 more words


Tinashe Seems To Blame The Black Community For Her Lackluster Singing Career

Tinashe seems to have an idea as to why her singing career hasn’t gone to higher heights.  She believes that somehow the black community is at fault. 612 more words


No, Colorism Isn't To Blame For Tinashe's Stalled Career -- Her Image Is

Pleasing fans is a tough job, maybe even one of the toughest in the world. For entertainers, it’s easy to feel unappreciated at work, especially when your de facto boss is your fanbase, who, yes, can be supportive, but can also be hypercritical, fickle, determinedly cynical, and worst of all, jaded. 1,443 more words


VIDEO: Biracial Rnb Singer Tinashe Says Black People Wont Support Her Music

Biracial Rnb Singer Tinashe Says Black People Wont Support Her Music Because She’s Mixed & Also Says The Music Industry Is “Sexism” To Women.

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