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#FridaySet | Sonny Amerie - YumYum Ep.6 HHLS edition

Why #FridaySet? It is the day most people start to relax (#week-end). From chilling with your family to party hard, #FridaySet is what you need to start your week-end with some good music on the road out from work / school … 114 more words


"7/27" Proves Fifth Harmony Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

By now you’ve definitely heard of Fifth Harmony. Even if you can’t name each member, you’ve chanted their undeniably catchy hit single “Worth It” at a party last summer, and for the past couple of months you’ve definitely been blasting “Work From Home” in your car on repeat. 488 more words


In Support of 'The Life' by Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony are one of those pop acts that think they’re about 45% better than they actually are (for further reference please see Jessie J and ‘Meghan Trainor’) but that hasn’t stopped them gaining an actual planet-mauling hits in the form of sax-heavy basic bitch banger ‘Worth It’ and actually-quite-good basic bitch banger ‘Work From Home.’ Quite recently, ‘Work From Home’ became the first single by a girl-band to reach the top 10 of the US Charts since the Pussycat Dolls (R.I.P) in 2008 (!) So you can quite proudly state that, as of right now, Fifth Harmony are the most popular girl-band in the world. 829 more words

Davido hits the studio with Tinashe & Rae Sremmurd (Photos)

Davido shared photos from his studio session with American artists, Tinashe and Rae Sremmurd…

It would be great to hear what comes out of it… 21 more words


Ash it on the Floor

Chris and I often talk about songs we like despite that they’re written (or at least performed) by blatant assholes and contain unapologetically asshole lyrics. I remember when “Back to Sleep” came out and I loved it, this tiny part of me on the inside remembered Rihanna’s face all beat up and was like, “But it’s by Chris Brown.” I still had it on repeat, especially the version with Usher talking about licking a cookie. 528 more words

Hip Hop

Artists I’m really excited for in 2016 Pt. I

Kehlani I was on Periscope and watching some DJ and he was playing music in the background and I asked him who the fuck was playing and he’s like, ‘Kaylani’. 33 more words