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Laghetti di Marinello with a Glimpse at Tindari.

Just look at this place! Isn’t it absolutely amazing? I love places which are not supposed to be where they are… I mean… which are where you would not expect them to be. 228 more words


How to cook the dinner, Roman style: Tindari Archaeological Site

I saw this rare object in the little museum in the archaeological site at Tindari.

It’s a Roman hob. All you have to do is pop some wood into the cavity under the pot, and light it. 528 more words


The Ruins of Tyndaris

Most of the souvenir and snack shops on the side of the road winding up to Tindari are closed. In Sicily, late April is still off-season.  446 more words



If you can get by without being offered useless souvenirs every couple of meters, and if you pack enough books to survive one or two days of rain, then late fall or early spring are the perfect times for travelling to Sicily. 16 more words



We are happy to be able to leave this place. My foot is more or less ok. My camera is not usable but I have a small camera as a spare. 95 more words

Italy 2014

Easily Confused (35) Perished Cities

Old cities, whose ruins we visit, wondering how erstwhile grand and important cities could cease to exist:

Aleppo, Syria:

(Diesen Vergleich gibt es auch auf Deutsch.)