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VJ and the Beautiful Distraction

She told him something about himself that he had never really acknowledged before. He knew people were different and dealt with things in different ways. He knew his head was good dealing with some situations and not so with others. 1,106 more words


Stretchtext: a hidden gem in real hypertext

Most of us see hypertext, and hypermedia more generally, centred on nodes of content which are linked together. That is all you get with the watered-down standard implementations in HTML and electronic books, of course, and their links are limited unless someone has added scripts to extend them. 1,031 more words


An illustrated glossary of links in Storyspace 3

Recent updates to Storyspace have enhanced the way that links are displayed and manipulated in the Map view. If you’re feeling a little dazed at the different types of links, and how they are depicted, you may find this short summary helpful. 695 more words


Tinderbox Labor Day Sale - save $50

This just in (from an email from Eastgate Systems):

This weekend only, Tinderbox is on sale. Save $50, and get started on that big push.

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Dynamic stories: text substitution and stretchtext in Storyspace (and Tinderbox)

There are many different ways of creating dynamic text in notes (writing spaces) in Storyspace and Tinderbox. This short tutorial is aimed at those who already know the basics, and can for example create text links, and who want to make use of the new text substitution features in the latest versions. 714 more words


Andrew Hughes has walked, rafted and canoed the Derwent over the past month

My last post introduced the Expedition Class’s  latest project.  The key man during the journey was Andrew Hughes and now his trek is complete. 435 more words

Derwent River

Irony in the Life of a Writer

The irony of it all is that sometimes, it seems, you have to let go of an aspiration or hope in order for it to come true or to bear fruit.  1,044 more words