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Building a text database using Tinderbox

I’ve been writing Question and Answer (Q&A) sections for Mac publications for longer than I care to remember. Despite having advised many questioners to use tools like Tinderbox to help them structure their work and keep it in order, I’ve never been particularly good at that myself. 1,472 more words


Improving HTML from Tinderbox to Make a Better Help Book

Over the last two articles, I have worked through producing a small website exported from Tinderbox 7, which I then turned into a Help Book for use in a Mac application. 1,294 more words


Using HTML from Tinderbox 7 to make a Help Book

In the previous article, I showed how to make a set of (X)HTML files which should provide the content for a Help Book, and can be added to a Mac app in development to provide good support for that app’s help. 1,109 more words


Exporting HTML from Tinderbox 7: Using CSS for a Help Book

Tinderbox is a wonderful tool for developing structured content, then transforming it into different formats, most notably HTML. This project started when I wanted to write Help Books for my apps, and discovered there was only one affordable tool with which to do that. 1,248 more words


Fossil Cove posting 1 of 4

On the day when I walked from Blackman’s Bay to Point Pearson near Tinderbox, then retraced my steps to catch a return bus from Blackman’s Bay, I omitted to walk via Fossil Cove. 160 more words

Derwent River

The Best of Both Worlds: making hypertext for both Tinderbox and Storyspace

Tinderbox and Storyspace are different, and serve completely different purposes. Although they share a common file format, as we have seen in my documents containing Ovid’s… 976 more words


Help Help: 1 Help Crafter

It is naïve and unreal to claim that every app should be intuitive, and insulting to users not to provide help which is every bit as carefully-produced and thorough as the apps that we use. 1,106 more words