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Outlines and inline notes

Nearly a year ago, I wrote an article about using Tinderbox as an outliner. My conclusion was that the outline view in Tinderbox is a terrific outline application. 944 more words


A Tinderbox Reference File

Mark Anderson has occasionally commented on this site. His Tinderbox Reference File is an invaluable resource for mastering Tinderbox. It’s a good first place to go when trying to figure out the more sophisticated aspects of the software. 7 more words


Structure in narrative (non-fiction) text

With narrative being such a human universal, it is not surprising that a great deal of non-fiction is written as narrative: so much that some authors have proclaimed it a (relatively new) form of non-fiction, and dubbed it variously… 1,067 more words


Storyspace 3: handling notes and references

Much printed non-fiction is already decidedly non-linear, as it is interspersed with notes and/or citations of references. Before embarking on any significant non-fiction writing in Storyspace or any other authoring environment, it is essential to explore how notes and references can and should be handled. 1,995 more words


Structure in non-fiction

As my explorations of Storyspace 3 have indicated, I am particularly interested in using its hypertext tools for non-fiction writing. Having spent much of the last forty or so years writing a wide variety of non-fiction – from medical reports on patients, to scientific papers, a thesis, and millions of words about computers and their problems – this is a subject very dear to my mind. 858 more words


Some selected readings on hypertext

The first decades of wild enthusiasm for hypertext, which saw the advent of Eastgate’s Storyspace, Apple’s HyperCard, and of course the flowering of HTML and the Web, also saw a rush of writing about hypertext and hypermedia. 357 more words


Kindling A Fire of Faith

Christians, how do we have faith for the big transitions, positions, promotions, testings, trials and pains in our lives?  I am talking on the big scale, where it is all or nothing, God will either do something or we will remain in our circumstances. 897 more words