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Moving a blog to Tinderbox: Guiding decisions

A few days ago came the news that Apple had changed Recovery modes as of macOS 10.12.4. My immediate response was to put together a quick flowchart using Scapple, a lightweight diagramming app, then return to revise my… 749 more words


Moving a blog to Tinderbox: Progress and tidying up

I was (delightedly) surprised that my previous article about going against the flow, and moving online content offline, brought so many encouraging comments. It is heartening to know that I am not the only person struggling with the limits of blogs and online publishing. 394 more words


Last Week on My Mac: Going back to the book

When you run a website like this blog, you get used to visitors remarking how they had never realised that your site existed, and how they wish they had discovered it some time ago. 782 more words


Moving a blog to Tinderbox: Troubleshooting Macs

I greatly enjoy writing this blog, as you may have guessed, but it always feels so profoundly ephemeral.

Despite maintaining tables of contents, various guides, and index pages, most articles here are read within a week or two of posting, then seem to vanish into obscurity. 1,054 more words


How to Create Bookmarks to Tinderbox Notes

There are some notes/containers in my Tinderbox files (e.g. Inbox, Actions for Today) which I want to visit in the fastest possible way, using just the keyboard or the trackpad. 407 more words

How to Create an Inbox in Tinderbox

I am a new user of Tinderbox, and I use it mainly for task management at the moment (for note management I use a MediaWiki wiki). 717 more words


Theatre Review: Famla at The MAC Belfast

Famla is another production which has left me contemplating what an audience want’s to see on stage. I attended this week with an open mind. I had ┬áseen a few production shots but nothing more, I had no idea of content or story. 389 more words