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#ELRFEAT: Interview with Mark Bernstein (2010)

In 2010 Judy Malloy made an interview with Mark Bernstein, chief scientist at Eastgate Systems, the publisher and software company founded in the year 1982 and headquartered in Massachusetts. 3,787 more words


LaTeXport: revenge of the templates, and on to Tufte Book

I thought that I had the Template problem cracked, but when I started work on implementing a complex stylesheet in Tinderbox, for export as LaTeX, it quickly returned with a vengeance. 858 more words


LaTeXport: loose ends

My previous article explained how I developed a Tinderbox document for authoring and exporting in a standard LaTeX format. This aims to clarify some of the issues that I encountered there, and corrects some of my errors. 678 more words


Good introduction to exporting from Tinderbox

At the blog Ordinary Human Language, Brian Crane has put together a series of tutorials on how to export from Tinderbox. As he says about his approach: 80 more words


LaTeXport: writing LaTeX documents using Tinderbox

Like so many durably great ideas, TeX and LaTeX haven’t gone away. In fact they’re getting even better, and Tinderbox strikes me as an ideal platform for building LaTeX documents. 1,223 more words


Blowhole 2 can now write any string you like into the log

Five months ago, I wrote a little command tool, blowhole, which allowed any Mac user running macOS Sierra to write to Sierra’s new unified log. 236 more words


Completing and using a Swift Scrapbook in Tinderbox

Earlier this month, I put together a Tinderbox scrapbook, in which to keep all the snippets of useful Swift code which I have been generating over the last few months. 637 more words