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T-Mobile & Ting

Having used T-Mobile’s service for the last eight months, I’ve decided to switch my phone over to Ting. We’re currently taking a break from our travels, so minimizing any and all costs (where possible) is the current task at hand. 271 more words



Almost everything in Trinidad is called a ting, apart from the tings that are called aam.

Trinidadians will say, with a completely straight face ‘pass me that ting’ and will expect you to know exactly what they mean. 557 more words


5 Things (among others) I plan to do for 2017 . 

The longer our New Year’s Resolution List is, the harder it is to follow. So for 2017, I trimmed my guiding principles down to 5. Hopefully by the end of the year I’d be able to achieve most, if not all, that’s on my personal list (and yup, it’s a very long list =)). 184 more words

Walasse Ting ( 1929-2010)

The first time i saw the work by Walasse Ting, was at gallery Nouvelles Images in the mid eighties and i was blown away with the large standing ladies with parrots. 227 more words


Music Player Pro by Ting Studio – Free Music App Review

Another app to join the ranks of the generic-named audio-playing applications over at Google Play is Music Player Pro by Ting Studio. But before you just give it the Read more

Blogmas Day 5: Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Now you guys all know that i love a good afternoon tea. There is something about the whole tradition about afternoon tea that i really love and one of my favourite places in the world to do it is at Ting at The Shard. 307 more words


My Russian Passion

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

In his 1975 comedy film Love & Death parodying Russian literature, Woody Allen plays the archetypal tragic hero, proclaiming: “I’m wracked with guilt, consumed with remorse and stricken with suffering for the human race. 350 more words

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