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Wae jakku chyeodaboni hetgallijanha
Nal johahaneun geoni hoksi geureon geoni neo
Nae mameul kok jjilleoboneun ge
Eojjeomyeon geurae geurae yesaropjanha Ilbureo ni apeseon dodohancheokhae 335 more words

Forever doesn’t last.

25 Dec 2017.
Not too sure when I first started harboring such thoughts. But it’s becoming a thing that I think about often these days. 16 more words


About GuoTing Lin


GuoTing Lin is a doctoral researcher at the University of Westminster. She completed a master of radio and television with an observation of reader-writing manner of communication on Internet from National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA). 96 more words


To Finance or Buy an Upgrade?

May 4, 2018

Hey Everyone,

Remember when I told you Husband and I have basic flip phones? If not, you can have a refresher in this… 566 more words

Ting at Shangri-la Hotel at The Shard

For my birthday my husband took me for a dinner date to Ting at The Shard. This is my honest review of my experience lets start with a bit of background. 1,169 more words

Beef Steak

Businesses Are Starting to See the Impact of Tax Cuts — And California Dems Are Lining Up to Take It Back

Pictured: Assemblymen Phil Ting, D-San Francisco and Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento

ㅤ”Despite the tax cuts likely being the cause of their losing ground in the polls, some California Democrats are already proposing legislation that would allow the state to confiscate up to half of the tax cut benefits that corporations are set to receive.” 30 more words


Trimming the Fat from Your Entertainment and Phone Budgets

We live in a world that revolves around multiple forms of entertainment, now all handily watched on cellphones. To help save money on both, here are some of the ways we’ve saved money over the years. 546 more words