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Tingles, Natural Highs, and ASMR

Do you even get a tingling sensation when someone else is brushing your hair or while getting a haircut?  This is what happens to me. I can get pretty blissed out at the hair salon, as long as there’s not a lot of talking. 707 more words


Soft hands
Silken skin
Feather light touches
The night begins

Gazes locked
Mirrored souls
Shuddering breaths
Bodies mould

Legs entwined
Skin to skin
Arms embrace… 56 more words


Why I Feel Accomplished Today

I feel extremely proud of myself today. I have a very small amount of a tingling sensation in my leg today. You know how great that feels?! 740 more words


Today is a Good Day

Today was a pretty good day. I’m not 100%, but I’m better than what I was yesterday. I was thinking about not posting, considering I don’t have much to say today, but I want to share both the good and the bad. 1,392 more words


Today was a Bad Day

Withdrawing from this drug is so hard! I didn’t think it would be like this. I thought it would be, “Yay, you’ve learned to cope with your anxiety so you’ll be good!” HAHAHA! 833 more words


Still struggling with cancer

Cancer – and the aftermath of cancer – doesn’t go away. I may look better and feel better than I did last year, but cancer is with me every single day and my body is still struggling.  559 more words


This Week

I had the notion that I would be able to work a lot of hours during the holiday break when my husband is not working. Tomorrow is Thursday, and I have worked no days. 349 more words