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each palm gave birth to five explorers
each given a purpose to work hard in tandem
laborious tasks always burdened
distracting attention span

working the weight of the task at hand… 172 more words


What's that rash? Have you had your shingles vaccine?

Herpes zoster, or more commonly known as “Shingles” affects almost 1 in every 3 people in the United States in their lifetime.  Anyone who has ever recovered from the chickenpox may develop shingles, even children. 501 more words

Numbness and Tinglings

Hello everyone.  I hope you all are doing well.  Its raining here, so you know what that means for me: pain, pain and more pain. 341 more words

Chronic Pain

Let's play doctor!

Whoa, Jenna, you’re thinking. I didn’t know you were into role-playing. But everyone’s got their secrets.

Unfortunately, that’s not the one you get to learn about today. 1,592 more words


Spider-Senses Are Tingling Over a PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Game

Fantastic power, wonderful duty

Well, here we are once more, reporting on a rumour by eating hardly any to corroborate it. Geek Leaks– they’re back obviously– hinted today that Sony might be dealing with a Spider-Man video game for the PlayStation 4. 12 more words


Can tapesponding also be a form of A.S.M.R ?

The internet is a big place and you can easily ‘Google’ A.S.M.R if you don’t already know what it is. But, let me save you the trouble. 656 more words

Ode to soap

You slide gently against my skin, touching every single tingling part of me. You smell so good as you.. uhh.. penetrate me

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