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What's Wrong With Me! Episode Four: Hell and Back...

When Episode Three  ended, a slew of strange symptoms were beginning to hold me hostage. That’s actually a pretty fair metaphor, since by the end of the siege I couldn’t go outside – not even on the balcony. 783 more words


What's Wrong With Me! Episode Three: 1997 - The Plot Thickens

Welcome back! At the end of Episode Two of my medical saga, I left you at a bit of a cliff-hanger. And why not? Heh, I… 558 more words


 God's Finger

I’ve mentioned it a few times, the Big Hemiplegic Migraine that sent me to the ER in a dramatic sort of full body alert that I’d never before experienced, unable to speak or fully use my right side, barely able to remember how to form words on paper, too weak to walk alone, and very very scared. 1,347 more words

Life's Like That

RLS aka Willis Ekbom Disease

Everyone knows it by restless leg syndrome. The scientific community gave it a new name awhile back called Willis Ekbom Disease.

Some people, like me, have whole body symptoms. 256 more words


Marci and MS

If you suffer from one of the MANY autoimmune diseases that are so prevalent in our society today, I don’t have to tell you how important quality of life is. 422 more words


Thank You, Little Frog

See this little guy?

He saved me today.

Well, he saved me from turning into the dreaded Mean Mom. You see, for quite awhile now — maybe a month? 1,078 more words

Family And Children

An UltaLifes INTIMATE PLEASURE Libido Enhancer For Women 1

Intake of food items with high estrogen level is another measure to increase libido. Papaya, tomato, pumpkin and apple are some of the food items rich in estrogen level. 337 more words