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Remembering John Clarke

The recent and hugely successful appearance of Tinkering: the Complete Book of John Clarke is a wonderful if simultaneously sad reminder of just how much we lost last year when the great man passed away while walking in Victoria’s Grampians. 2,135 more words

Functional 3D Printing

About 2 months ago I picked up a 3D printer to fiddle around with and work on some projects. After some initial fiddling and troubleshooting I’ve finally got it to the point of being able to produce quality and functional prints consistently. 310 more words


RFXtrx433E, Node-RED, MQTT and Home Assistant

This post describes how I have setup an RFXtrx433E device with a Raspberry Pi to transform data from inexpensive 433 MHz motion- and climate-sensors into… 1,341 more words

Raspberry Pi

Working on YouTube

As part of the campaign of renewal, and in an effort to put my shiny new camera to use, I’ve begun to prod the YouTube channel once again… splicing together a dramatic reading of Randolph’s Room right now, and have a couple of other bits of VO recorded that I need to set up images for. 14 more words

Working Conditions

Everything and Nothing

I’m sitting at the desk in my office, kicking around various bits and pieces – researching cloud stuff, brainstorming, and talking with the other developers about possibilities for future projects. 252 more words


Trial and error

When it comes to many aspects of life, the process of testing various things is a good approach. In testing different combinations, one can learn from the different outcomes. 65 more words


First Thoughts on Monitoring a Wood Kiln for Temperature and Humidity

I’ve been thinking about how to monitor temperature and humidity in a kiln since reading this thread at the Forestry Forum.

A Raspberry Pi will be the heart of the system.  445 more words

Wood Drying Kiln Monitor Temperature Humidity