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San Francisco Is Fighting Back Against Public Tinklers

Have you ever walked past a building and was overtaken by the smell of urine?  I have and it’s disgusting! When I heard that San Francisco found something to keep people from tinkling on walls in public places I thought of a few South Florida cities that should invest in this invention. 158 more words


Tribute to Tinkle

1st July 2015 : In memory of all those childhood days which were spent reading the children’s digest Tinkle.




To make or cause to make light metallic sounds, as those of a small bell.

I knew the visitor had arrived when the chimes by the door tinkled.


Run away

So here we are, another morning ready to go! Managed to get my lazy bum out of bed this morning and go for a little run. 123 more words

Amar Chitra Katha

Amar Chitra Katha owned Tinkle magazine to be India’s first augmented reality enhanced magazine for children. Making its debut this month, the interactive magazine partnered with Blippar India, a visual browser, for its digital overhaul. 40 more words

Media Watch

It's Important To Turn Off The LIVE Mic!

Microphones pick up everything! The trick is turning it off when you cough or when you…fill in the blank!

Yes, it’s one of those moments where someone forgets that they are wearing a live microphone! 57 more words


My Name Is In A Children's Magazine!


Excuse my excitement, but I just found out that my articles have been published in one of India’s best children’s magazines – Tinkle.

So here’s the story, from the very beginning. 599 more words