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Today I Shaved My Face

Don’t worry, I didn’t use my boyfriends Gillette razor, but yes, today I shaved my face. I’ve never done think kind of thing before, nor have I ever had the need to bleach or use hair removal cream – be assured that I am very lucky and do not have a lady beard or a mustache. 316 more words

Four Inch And Up



You were in the bathtub and Daddy swept you out, and placed you on your potty seat on the toilet.

Water dripping, you said it again. 62 more words

Helding it in

So I started my journey at 5pm needing a tinkle, then had some juice because I was thirsty anddesperately needed a tinkle through journey 1. Then my change over it went away, so I was like ok I can hold it for like an hour if needs be its all ok now. 87 more words

Train Travel

How I Shave My Face

Now that you have gotten over your shock that a lady shaves her face, lets continue. No I do not take a Gillette razor with some shaving cream to my face, I use these amazing things called Tinkle Razors. 203 more words

Uncle Pai - The Master Storyteller

If I say that the majority of us Indian children since the late 1960s have learned the majority of our religion, mythology and history from the comic book called the… 1,141 more words


Tinkle Books

Tinkle is an Indian monthly comic Indian magazine, published in severalIndian languages. Originally owned by the India Book House, the Tinkle brand was acquired by ACK Media in 2007. 175 more words

Costco Trip

For the first time ever, I went to Costco this past week without my husband. I’ve never gone alone before because there are so many heavy things we buy from Costco and I can’t lift things easily. 637 more words