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Cold Eating


She looked around: she was all alone.

Again the buzz came from her phone.

She slipped it out of her pantsuit pocket

And thumbed the password to unlock it. 236 more words

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Nothing Comical About It! 

A ‘Comic’, according to the Oxford English Dictionary is defined as “A periodical containing comic strips, intended chiefly for children.” My! I think that’s a little biased. 1,128 more words


Tracking Down "Pee Like Queen Anne's Prize Horse"

In my fallible memory, my grandparents used the phrase, “pee like Queen Anne’s prize horse,” except back then, they would have used the more acceptable term “wee-wee.” (“Tinkle” was used by relatives in nearby Primos.) I hoped to confirm the phrase by a Google search. 273 more words

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Au Mobile PH Apk v1.1.0408 Mod (Auto Perfect)

Au Mobile PH Apk v1.1.0408 Mod (Auto Perfect) Is Music Game . Download Au Mobile PH Apk Mod From Mod Apk With Direct Link . 41 more words


Top 5 Indian Comics App

1. ACK Comics

This is a paid App. It has been famous in India for a long time.This app brings alive glorious stories from India. The riveting tales of India’s myths and legends, kings and queens, thinkers and philosophers, explorers and adventurers are told with the help of spellbinding illustrations. 225 more words

Tinkle Tinkle... Whoops!

Hello everyone!! Or should I say ladies?!!!

Guys are so lucky… they can pee… well basically anywhere without it becoming a chore. Unfortunately us ladies can not, unless we practice practice practice. 149 more words


Dreams of the Dreamer's are ...


Have you realised your dream? How to realise your dream, if you don’t know it yet? Do you know what to do with your dream(s), if you know them? 407 more words

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