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The Blue Lotus (The Adventures of Tintin)

The Blue Lotus (The Adventures of Tintin)

The classic graphic novel. A sequel to Cigars of the Pharaoh, Tintin follows a mysterious lead to China on the trail of a smuggling ring. 19 more words

I Made a Thing! Tintin's Trusty Pup, Snowy

Did you grow up with Tintin? Or did your Tintin adventures begin at a later entry point?

We really enjoy the comic books, but the movie, … 408 more words


Tee 690

The Adventures of Leon & Mathilda

Designed by MarianoSan

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The Adventures of Tintin

In my formative years the adventures of Tintin were always some of my favourite literary exploration stories and fuelled the spark of adventure for me. Recently I made what I thought was a nice comment to a friend stating that he looked like Tintin. 375 more words


Tintin Community in 2016 Indonesia Comic Con

Seems otaku, manga and anime lovers and pop culture fans in Indonesia could channel their passion more and more now! Continuing the success last year, … 588 more words