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Foodie in Pamplona

Horno Artesano

Horno Artesano was my favourite cafe in Pamplona because of its reasonable hours, amazing coffee, and selection of pastries. Most cafes closed on Sundays, as well as during the Siesta hours (2 pm to 6 pm), but Horno was open every day until 9 pm. 1,040 more words


Looking for something to drink in Spain?

Soon after the late breakfast coffee is finished, people in Spain seem to begin to look for something to drink. In this season the heat begins to sap your energy already by noon. 470 more words


Lenny's Tapas Bar

After a short glimpse on what to serve in a French Brasserie (Btw I checked the menu card of our new Brasserie in town – no artichokes, shame on them!!!) here is another idea for small dishes and appetizers which in combination give a great party dinner for summer: 143 more words


Watch Me Spain: 100 Montaditos

Spanish McDonald’s – only cheaper, tastier, healthier (well, most of the time) and way more fun.

If you haven’t visited this institution in Spain and believe me, it is an institution, then do yourself a favour and make a beeline for whichever one is currently closest to you. 298 more words

Watch Me Roam