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samba server on tinycore linux - howto

Simple setup for samba server on Tinycore linux server. Many tutorials are available on internet but mine is tested and it working as I want. 225 more words



I used to think that the notion that there were too many Linux distros was overblown. Surely people could just pick one and use it. And, then there were all the horror stories of how difficult it was to install Linux. 413 more words


Tiny Core Linux: NTP Client/Server Configuration

I’m trying to configure NTP client/server in my virtualbox + gns3 lab. Unfortunately I’m getting this error message:

4 Sep 13:19:12 ntpdate: no server suitable for synchronization found…

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Public key/authorized_keys: Server refused our key

I was wondering is there anyone experienced this kind of issue before? I was getting this error when configuring authorized_keys in /home/tc/.ssh/authorized_keys

Configuration steps are as follows: 91 more words

Tiny Core Linux

How to make ssh server configuration permanent?

April last year, I had experience to configure ssh server (sshd) in Tiny Core Linux and had documented it here.


All these were running on live cd. 474 more words

First attempt to install Tiny Core Linux to hard disk

I’ve just downloaded the smallest version of Tiny Core Linux which is only 8 MB and trying to install it.



My Virtual Box Setting are as follows:

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Tiny Core Linux – Part 6 - Back to the drawing board!

Things are starting to behave strangely with the /usr/local/mysql/data folder refusing to back up, 2 cron processes being kicked off at start-up and no SSH service!!! 257 more words