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Patrick Ness--The Rest of Us Just Live Here (2015)

SOUNDTRACK: BEN WILLIAMS & SOUND EFFECT-Tiny Desk Concert #170 (October 24, 2011).

Ben Williams is a jazz upright bass player (I didn’t realize bass players made band leaders, but clearly they do).  1,594 more words


Rivka Galchen--new television, new television, new drama, new drama (Harper's, June 2015, September 2015, December 2015, March 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: HILARY HAHN-Tiny Desk Concert #169 (October 21, 2011).

Hilary Hahn is a violinist.  She looks to be about 12 (although she isn’t, but she did start playing when she was very young). 2,466 more words


Rivka Galchen--"Hallelujah" (Harper's, December 2012)

SOUNDTRACK: WILCO-Tiny Desk Concert #168 (October 17, 2011).

Wilco is virtually the only band to have been asked back for a second Tiny Desk Concert.  1,465 more words


Helen DeWitt--"Climbers" (Harper's, November 2014)

SOUNDTRACK: CHRIS BATHGATE-Tiny Desk Concert #167 (October 14, 2011).

I’d never heard of Chris Bathgate before this Tiny Desk Concert.  Bathgate is a singer and guitarist.  956 more words

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Vince Passaro--"A Shrinking World, An Opening Sky" (Harper's, May 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: GROUPLOVE-Tiny Desk Concert #166 (October 11, 2011).

With a name like Grouplove, I expected a certain sound–I imagined a dancey, funky, R-rated kinda of band. 620 more words

Short Story

Thomas Bernhard--"In the Tower" (Harper's, May 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE-Tiny Desk Concert #164 (October 6, 2011).

I have never really gotten into Fountains of Wayne even though a) they write incredibly Cathy indie pop, the kind of music I rather like and b) their name comes from a store that I have driven by many times in my life.  671 more words

Short Story

Dorthe Nors—“Hygge” (Harper's, April 2016)

  SOUNDTRACK: JEREMY MESSERSMITH-Tiny Desk Concert #158 (September 19, 2011).

I had never heard of Jeremy Messersmith before this show (the blurb even comments how it’s a shame more people haven’t heard of him since he is so sweetly poppy). 629 more words

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