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Carrie Brownstein--"Call Me Crazy" (New Yorker, May 16, 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: MARISA ANDERSON-Tiny Desk Concert #374 (July 19, 2014).

Marisa Anderson may be the most unassuming guitar wizard I’ve ever seen.  There’s nothing flashy about her or her look, but man can she make those guitars sound great.  871 more words

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JOAN SHELLEY - " NPR Tiny Desk Concert "

From Kentucky, Joan Shelley is one of the most refreshing singer-songwriters of today, with her lilting voice and melodic guitar often accompanied by Nathan Salsburg. … 199 more words


Mary Karr--"High Maintenance" (New Yorker, May 16, 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: SUZANNE VEGA-Tiny Desk Concert #336 (February 10, 2014).

Suzanne Vega is practically a one hit wonder except that she has released a half-dozen great albums that are full of wonderful songs.  834 more words

New Yorker

Ted Chiang--"Bad Character" (New Yorker, May 16, 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: SOFIA REI-Tiny Desk Concert#338 (February 22, 2014).

Sofia Rei is an Argentinian singer.  For this Tiny Desk Concert she has two accompanists: drummer Franco Pinna incorporates a drum from the Argentine Pampas into a traditional drum set and guitarist/bassist JC Maillard plays a pretty guitar and a modified saz bass. 690 more words

New Yorker

Charlie Brooker--"Dance, Off" (New Yorker, May 16, 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: FANFARE CIOCARLIA-Tiny Desk Concert #335 (February 8, 2014).

Fanfare Ciocarlia (pronounced “fan-FAR-eh cho-car-LEE-ah”) is a 12 piece Balkan brass band from the Romanian village of Zece Prăjini.  575 more words

New Yorker

Alexandra Kleeman--"Seeing Double" (New Yorker, May 16, 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: ROBERT GLASPER EXPERIMENT-Tiny Desk Concert #331 (January 20, 2014).

I am unfamiliar with Robert Glasper, but he is a whirlwind on the keyboard and a n excellent improviser.  630 more words

New Yorker

Lee Child--"Telling Tales" (New Yorker, May 16, 2016)

SOUNDTRACK: AFRO BLUE-Tiny Desk Concert #331 (January 13, 2014).

Afro Blue, a nine-member a cappella troupe from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

They sing three African American spirituals.  368 more words

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