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John Patrick Green--Hippopotamister (2016)

SOUNDTRACK: RAHIM ALHAJ-Tiny Desk Concert #487 (November 13, 2015).

Rahim AlHaj plays the oud, an ancient stringed instrument commonly played throughout the Middle East, North Africa and countries like Greece and Turkey.  694 more words

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Ben Hatke--Nobody Likes a Goblin (2016)

SOUNDTRACK: AURORA-Tiny Desk Concert #486 (November 9, 2015).

Aurora is a Norwegian singer (I was sure her accent was Irish, so I was pretty surprised).  746 more words

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Ben Hatke--Little Robot (2015)

SOUNDTRACK: PAOLO ANGELI-Tiny Desk Concert #480 (October 20, 2015).

Paolo Angeli is kind of a one-man band.  But not in a novelty sense.  Rather, he is an accomplished guitarist who decided to modify his guitar.  1,262 more words

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Aristophane--The Zabîme Sisters (2010) [translation 2010]

SOUNDTRACK: ST. PAUL AND THE BROKEN BONES-Tiny Desk Concert #410 (December 6, 2014).

Paul Janeway stands on Bob Boilen’s desk wearing gold shoes  and singing his heart out.  732 more words


Lat--Town Boy (1980) [translated 2007]

SOUNDTRACK: DUBLIN GUITAR QUARTET-Tiny Desk Concert #441 (May 15, 2015).

When I first listened to this brief concert for some reason I didn’t realize that the quartet were playing Philip Glass.  1,119 more words

Tiny Desk Concert

Paul Pope, JT Petty & David Rubin--Battling Boy: The Fall of the House of West (2015)

SOUNDTRACK: SAM AMIDON & BILL FRISELL-Tiny Desk Concert #408 (December 1, 2014).

The first time I listened to this Tiny Desk Concert, I didn’t like Sam Amidon’s voice at all–he sings with a strangely flat delivery–almost monotone–but never actually off pitch.  660 more words


Gregory Porter: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

When you sing and there’s only a piano to support you, the very best will come out of your soul!

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