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Glenn Eichler & Nick Bertozzi--Stuffed! (2009)

SOUNDTRACK: BIO RITMO-Tiny Desk Concert #392 (September 29, 2014).

Bio Ritmo is a nine-piece band that has played salsa music for 23 years (as of 2014).  905 more words

Funny (ha Ha)

Grady Klein--The Lost Colony: Book No. 3 Last Rights (2008)

SOUNDTRACK: LULUC-Tiny Desk Concert #390 (September 15, 2014).

Bob Boilen has loved Luluc for a while.  I never really appreciated them as much as I do on this Tiny Desk Concert.  888 more words


Grady Klein--The Lost Colony: Book No. 1 The Snodgrass Conspiracy (2006)

SOUNDTRACK: JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD-Tiny Desk Concert #388 (September 6, 2014).

I had an idea about who Jessica Lea Mayfield was.  I thought she was sort of a folkie/country singer who I had heard of but had no real exposure to.  1,557 more words


Jack Vance (adapted by Humayoun Ibrahim)--The Moon Moth (1961--adaptation 2012)

SOUNDTRACK: TRAMPLED BY TURTLES-Tiny Desk Concert #387 (September 3, 2014).

I love the name Trampled by Turtles and it conjures up something very specific in my head.  1,218 more words


Leland Myrick--Missouri Boy (2006)

SOUNDTRACK: STURGILL SIMPSON-Tiny Desk Concert #386 (August 30, 2014).

Sturgill Simpson is a (relatively) new country singer that everyone seems to want me to like.  555 more words

Graphic Novel

Benjamin Clementine: Tiny Desk Concert

True artist, right here. It’s not exactly my kind of music, but I won’t complain. I wouldn’t know in what genre to classify him in, is this soul? 86 more words


T. Coraghessan Boyle--"Thirteen Hundred Rats" (New Yorker, July 7 & 14, 2008)

SOUNDTRACK: NICKEL CREEK-Tiny Desk Concert #385 (August 26, 2014).

I have listened to this Tiny Desk Concert so many times I can’t believe I never posted about it. 926 more words

New Yorker